Yuneec H520 vs Typhoon H Plus

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Yuneec H520 vs Yuneec Typhoon H Plus

In this review, we will do a comparison between the Yuneec H520 vs Yuneec Typhoon H Plus and the major differences between them.

The latest model in the Yuneec Typhoon range, the Typhoon H upgraded model was launched in July 2018, as the Typhoon H Plus. The H520 was announced in August 2017 and unveiled at the CES in Las Vegas as the first Yuneec drone manufactured specifically for commercial and professional use. Both these drones represent some of the best technology that Yuneec has on offer and are on the high-end of the drones available in the market.

Yuneec H520 Yuneec Typhoon H Plus
Yuneec’s first drone developed specifically for professional and commercial use in different sectors and industries. The upgraded model of the Yuneec Typhoon H, designed with photographers and videographers in mind.
Bright orange and black Hexa-copter with a six-rotor design. Ability to switch to 5 motor mode. Hexa-copter in a mid-grey colour with a six-rotor design. Ability to switch to 5 motor mode.
Long battery life. Long battery life.
Multiple cameras are available to enable being used for different applications. C23 1” Camera, 20mp photos and 4K video with 60fps.
Weight and size 1890g, diagonal width of 520mm between motors. Weight and size 1905g, diagonal width of 520mm between motors.
Team flying mode- independent control of drone and camera by 2 operators. Team flying mode- independent control of drone and camera by 2 operators.
Wind and flight stability – Versatile and intelligent flight modes Wind and flight stability- Versatile and intelligent flight modes


Yuneec H520

The Yuneec H520 is the first fully-fledged commercial drone manufactured by Yuneec and not a Typhoon H disguised in orange as many thought it would be. Although the drones look similar in outward appearance there are a lot of differences and it starts with the design. The H250 is wider when measured diagonally between the motors, 520mm compared to the 480mm of the Typhoon H. In the Typhoon H Plus this was also changed to 520mm. With the weight under 2kg besides being larger with its weight of 1890g compared to the 1905g of the Typhoon H Plus. The retractable landing gear’s pads are also thicker than those of the Typhoon H models. The E90 camera’s antenna is housed in its own compartment instead of inside the drone. The rotor blades are longer and the drone’s body is thicker. Besides all this, the Yuneec H520 has a longer flying time, higher load capacity and more camera options available than the models available to the Typhoon H Plus.

It also aims to attract the attention of professionals in more industries than just photography and filming. The drone was designed and developed with the stated aim of providing a drone with the ability to be used in different roles like law enforcement, security, search and rescue, mapping, surveying, and the construction industry for vertical inspections and Building Information Modelling.

Yuneec Typhoon H Plus

The Yuneec Typhoon H Plus was launched in 2018 as the next generation of the Typhoon H range. The drone still sports six rotors and landing gear which retracts to allow for 360 degrees recording. The drone is larger when measured diagonally with a 520mm length and lighter weighing only 1905 g. The hexacopter is more powerful and has more stability when flying. The drone can be fitted with Intel ® RealSense™ Technology which allows obstacle detection and navigating to avoid a collision. The different automated flight modes allow the drone to follow different instructions and fly automated while recording. The P16S remote control allows Team Flying mode and an operating distance of up to 1.6 km under ideal conditions.

The drone is fitted with the C23, 1” sensor camera that offers 20mp photography and 4K video at 60 fps to capture images in great detail. The gimbal with its 3-axis allows 360° rotation for continuous recording. The 6-rotors offers stability in windy conditions to ensure the capturing of stable footage, the improved safety features include the 5-rotor safety mechanism which enables the drone to fly and land with only 5-rotors when needed.


In the final analysis, it is only logical to summarise the most important features of the 2 drones, some of the information on the features have been already been mentioned in the review.

The biggest outward difference between the drones lies in their colour with the H520 breaking away with its bright orange colouring from the light black/grey which characterized the Yuneec Typhoon H series drones. The orange colour was chosen for its first full-fledged commercial drone with the aim to ensure greater visibility while being deployed in the different industries and sectors that it was designed for.

The positive weight difference of the H520 to that of the Typhoon H Plus coupled with the more powerful 5250mAh 15.2V 4S LiPo battery ensures a longer flight time of up to 30minutes. Both drones use the P16S remote control which allows an optimal operating range of 1.6 km.

The greatest difference lies in the selection of cameras available to the Yuneec H520 in comparison to that available to the Typhoon H Plus. On the H520 operators can choose between the E50, E90, E10T, E30Z, and the CGO-ET to ensure they have what is required when being used in different applications. All the cameras and gimbal systems are capable of being hot-swapped without the need for a power-down/ restart. The choice of the camera can influence flying time.


So, Yuneec H520 vs Yuneec Typhoon H Plus? After considering everything it can be safely said that the Yuneec H520 is not an Orange Typhoon H, although there are similarities and the sharing of similar technology, which can be expected coming from the same manufacturer. As discussed there are differences between the 2 drones which ensures that each one has their own field of application, the H520 as commercial drone and the Typhoon H Plus is a photographic and cinematographic drone. My first choice for the small business owner would be the H520, as a commercial drone, it is better equipped to be used in more sectors like security, precision agriculture, inspection, surveying, and construction, than just photography and videography.

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