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Walkera AiBao
Written by Jack Brown

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Imagine a drone that is so futuristic you could wear virtual reality goggles and enjoy playing an in-flight game at the same time for the ultimate gaming experience mixed with the power of drone flight. This type of dream has become a reality thanks to the Walkera AiBao, the most futuristic high tech drone when it comes to flying and gaming all in the same package.

Be Aware: The AiBao is a ready to fly drone that is good to go the minute you receive in in the mail or in the store. For the virtual flight game in real time, however, you will need to download the mobile phone or smart device application, but that only takes a couple of minutes to do.

To see a thorough video on the unboxing, first inspection, setup, test flight, etc. for the AiBao watch this video.

Product specifications:

  • GPS F8E (Waypoint, Stability, and Follow-Me Functions)
  • Video 4K/25p : Photo 16M (4640 x 3480)
  • AIBAO GO Game App
  • Flight Time: 20 Minutes /with SMART Charge Batt. 7.6V 5200mAh 5C 2S LiPo.
  • Range: 1.25 Miles / 2 KM : 2.4G : Remote Batt. 7.4V 3000mAh Li-po 2S

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Build Specifications


When you open the box up, you should expect to see the following inside:

  • Assembled Walkera AiBao drone
  • DEVO-F8E transmitter
  • Battery charger
  • 6V 5200mAh 5C 2S LiPo battery
  • CD
  • English manual

All other components, such as the smart device holder, must be purchased separately, unfortunately. However, the added components you may or may not need, depending on if you actually want to spend more and invest further, can be found on Amazon, Walkera’s website, or from a handful of random online and in-store retailers.

Walkera AiBao Package

You will notice that the drone comes already assembled, as previously stated, so you can begin to have fun the minute you have unboxed it. Remember to download the application, as well!

Design & Durability

The AiBao is designed to be one of the first virtual reality drones for a perfect gaming experience and mixed reality. It offers a great choice for a drone where gamers are concerned, but is designed to be so light that you won’t know the difference between it and your iPad.

The propeller and motor are designed so that you can utilize the full power without draining the battery too quickly, thanks to the advanced manufacturing techniques used by Walkera to produce a high efficiency, powerful gaming drone.

Walkera AiBao Propellers

Overall, it’s designed to offer a gaming experience during flight that feels so real that you will actually believe you’re up in the air, too. It’s made from plastic and can be purchased with a selection of three colors, being white, black, and beige.

Where durability is concerned, not much is known. At this time of writing, there are no videos on YouTube of flight issues, crashes, etc. However, that does not mean that this drone is indestructible and can be treated as such, so remember to use caution when flying just like you would with any other flying device.


The AiBao by Walkera comes fully equipped with a 4K HD camera that includes 16 megapixels and can shoot both 720p and 1080p HD videos. Videos can be recorded at 25 frames per second in 720p and 60 frames per second in 1080p. Even when the camera’s quality is turned down it still captures everything amazingly. Check out this video to see what shooting in 2.7K looks like.

In truth, the camera is more so for video recording than it is taking pictures because it pairs itself with the augmented reality application in order to properly see the virtual objects that will be appearing on your screen during flight.

The camera in general, however, is one of the most necessary components in this drone. You will be able to transmit in high definition from up to 1.5 kilometers away, meaning that you will be able to see the features and collectibles in the game from this distance, which will take your flying and gaming experience to a new level entirely.

Watch this video to see a gaming experience in full 4K quality.

Battery & Flight Time

The 300mAh transmitter battery included, ensures a longer, safer flight when flying at a transmission range of up to 1.5 kilometers. The signal amplifier that is built in aids this battery function, which can slightly drain the battery depending on how long you need it for and whether or not you’re going out of range, but it is definitely useful to have.

For a 280 class video drone, the battery and flight time specifications are actually not too bad. In total, you get up to 18 minutes of flight time when using the cartridge battery, but if you want to be out there for a lot longer, you can always just switch to an additional battery pack, so there’s that.

Walkera AiBao


The DEVO F8E Digital Tx transmitter, or controller, has multiple functions that cater to the ergonomically design for each individual action and function that is used for the drone it works with. When you are in flight and using the app through your phone, the transmitter will pick up on that and work using both at the same time, so really you are using three pieces of hardware at once.

It does have a safety feature when you are flying, which works through some of the buttons redundant and communicating with the app to further confirm what you are trying to do, which is a pretty great feature if you think about it.

To see more on what the controller looks like alone and with a smart device connected, and how it will look in your hands when flying, watch this video to see a short video with a couple of important snippets.

Flight Performance

The flight performance for the AiBao is actually a pretty decent one. It would definitely have to be a good one, however, considering it’s a virtual reality drone that needs to be able to fly properly for the purpose of the games involved.

It can ascend at 5m/s and further descend at 3m/s. This is further amplified depending on the performance mode you are using, however. For example, altitude mode allows 20m/s, while sports mode allows 10m/s.

The flight performance also depends on whether or not you are playing one of the games, racing a friend with the same drone, or just casually flying around.

To see more on the overall flight performance of the AiBao by Walkera, watch this video.

Value for Money & Guarantee

For a drone that is this futuristic, you’d think that it would more than likely break your bank if you wanted to make a purchase, but that is definitely not the case! The drone is priced at nearly $500.00 on Walkera’s website, priced and at around $400.00 on Amazon, and priced randomly between $450 and $500 on random retailers around the web.

Amazon is definitely the best place to go for buying to get more bang for your buck, but one has to wonder if the purchase is really worth it. Of course it is! You’re literally getting a gaming machine and a drone packed into one, so the value for the money you’re spending, which can be very little if you go to the right place to buy, is absolutely incredible.

Walkera AiBao

The warranty and guarantee options are kind of insane, though. Basically, Walkera offers a free warranty for all of their customers no matter what drone you are buying, but it’s extremely extensive.

While that may not seem bad, because technically it’s a great warranty to have, when you scroll down a little you’re going to see bullet points for miles, including the following:

  • No unauthorized modification, installation, or disassembling has taken place or your warranty is null and voided
  • Damage resulting from improper installation or operation that is incorrect will not be warranted as per the guidance manual

Walkera AiBao

Basically, Walkera is saying that you do have coverage, but if you do anything even remotely stupid and break something, you’re going to have to pay for it on your own.

While the value for money is great, and there is a warranty present under very certain circumstances, it’s still worth it. Just ensure that you fly properly, carefully, and in accordance with instructions, the guide manual, and your flight restrictions based on the region you are living in to avoid any issues.

Unique Features

Where the AiBao is concerned, practically all of the features are unique, especially when it comes to the gaming aspects and features. While the three games offered are the most notable when it comes to features, which will be outlined in a minute, there are many other unique features that any drone user can benefit from.

Walkera AiBao Games

The dual GPS feature uses Glonass and GPS protocols in order to receive and send a signal from the GPS itself with added precision for your and the drone’s location successfully. The orbit flight feature sets up a precise radius around you through the drone application for the purpose of orbiting around you or a stationary location that has been manually set by you.

Waypoints is also another interesting, notable feature. It sets up a precise flight path to follow specified waypoints on your command and works by setting it up through the application. Standard hovering is like the orbit flight feature, but this one works through your horizontal and height location, to ensure a solid holding position.

Walkera AiBao Hovering

Even if there are external wind forces that are slightly moving the drone around, it will still hold the standard hovering position when applied by you. The games, however, are the best unique features that come with the drone, which are outlined for you below:

  • Racing Mode – You can set up a virtual racetrack for you and your friends, or just do one by yourself, through the application.
  • Combat Mode – Using powerful virtual weapons, you can shoot down enemy aircraft through the dogfighting game that is played through the application.
  • Collection Mode – Fly around and collect the gold coins through an augmented reality world to gain as many points as possible, with a set amount of points needed to beat each level, which is played, again, through the application.

To learn more about the unique features that are offered by the AiBao, watch this video.

Similar Models

ProMark’s Virtual Reality Drone

ProMark Drone

ProMark’s Virtual Reality Drone is fairly similar to Walkera’s, with one of the main similarities being the 3D/VR goggles offered. However, ProMark includes the goggles with the drone, whereas Walker does not.

The VRD by ProMark uses an application, includes an HD camera, and has a hovering feature like Walkera’s does, but it’s also competitively cheaper. The VRD is priced around $200 on Amazon, while the AiBao is around $400.

Readers should note that the AiBao is practically the first of its kind, but there are drones out there that are fully compatible with virtual reality goggles, which somewhat makes them a virtual reality drone.

Other than ProMark’s Virtual Reality Drone, there are no other main competitors, but there are some pretty cool drones that you can use the goggles with to get a very similar, almost the same, experience from.

MJX X101C QuadcopterMJX Drone

The MJX X101C Quadcopter is also another prime example. This quadcopter uses a 3D VR headset for a full virtual reality flying effect and an application, just like the Walkera and PowerUp drone does.

Overall, it’s very hard to argue on whether or not virtual reality compatible drones are actually what they’re supposed to be if they only have goggles that work with the regular drone features and flight performance, but one thing is definite, the AiBao is one of a kind.


Now let’s see Pros and Cons of Walkera AiBao.


  • Great price for what you are getting
  • Comes with a tailored application that is everything you want with VR
  • The first real virtual reality drone of its kind
  • Ultra HD photos and recordings
  • Has quite the decent transmission distance compared to others
  • Fully portable


  • The flight time is pretty limited
  • Virtual reality goggles must be purchased separately

Let’s see small review of Walkera AiBao

Walkera AiBao
  • Design
  • Features
  • Battery life
  • Ease of Use
  • Quality
  • Value For Money


The AiBao by Walkera is an incredible drone, one of a kind, and is the first virtual reality drone to incorporate in-flight games that make your drone experience that much better. For a price that cannot be beaten when it comes to all that you are getting, buying the games and the unique features, you simply cannot go wrong.

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Overall, this is the perfect drone for those who want both a gaming and drone flight experience all rolled into one at a great price.

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