Micro RC planes: All You Need to Know About Micro Planes

Micro RC Planes review
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RC planes come in different sizes, so you can get a large or a small unit and have an amazing time with it. On the other side, they are also available as very small units, also known as micro RC planes. These units are very small, obviously, so don’t expect a long flying time and amazing performances.

On the other side, they offer a lot of fun and they can be used in locations where other planes and drones can’t. In any case, micro planes of this type are great toys that should be taken into account, due to the fact they are simple, small and easy to use.

In addition, they are designed purely for fun, so they don’t offer the latest and some advanced features like some of the bigger and more advanced planes on the market, about which you can also read, in our article about the best RC planes.

Despite the fact they are small, these units may come with a long flying time, so they can stay in the air for a longer period of time. In addition, they are very easy to control, but most of them are fragile, so they cannot withstand rough landings. The last fact you should know is that they are designed for children above age 14 and adults.

Best micro remote-controlled planes: Top 5 models on the market

WLtoys F949 3CH 2.4G Cessna

The micro plane in question is one of the best choices you can make, simply due to the fact it offers 25 minutes of flying time, which is more than these units usually offer. On the other side, the charging time is 60 minutes. This unit costs $72, so it isn’t very cheap if you take into account the size and the features.

Keep in mind that it is made from strong materials, so it is durable and it can withstand rough use, but rough landings may be an issue. The dimensions of the unit are 500x393x192mm and the weight is only 8.2 ounces.

WLtoys F949 3CH 2.4G Cessna

This unit is also flexible and easy to control, so it is a perfect gift for your child. Keep in mind that the age of children who can use it above age 14. It doesn’t have the latest features, so this is a toy, but it offers impressive maneuverability and it is fun to use, so it is a great choice. In any case, this model is the best plane of this type you can get.

The range of the controller is 200 meters, so it can be used outdoor and indoor. It can be used in smaller areas as well, thanks to small dimensions.

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ParkZone U2480 Ultra-Micro

The unit in question is made to look like an airplane from the WWII, so it is interesting and a perfect choice for people who are interested in that time. The price is $105, so it isn’t cheap as well. However, for the money you get a powerful electric motor and an RC plane with amazing flying capabilities. In addition, it is easy to control and it is a perfect choice for indoor and outdoor use.

ParkZone U2480 Ultra-Micro

The dimensions of the unit are 19.8 x 16.8 x 5.5 inches and the weight is 1.1 pounds. In any case, it is modern and comes with interesting features. The most important fact is that it is easy to control and it can stay in the air for a long time. The charging is quick as well, so the unit in question is a great choice if you are looking for a device if this type with a long flying time. The propeller at the front makes an autistic sound, so watching it is a real pleasure.

The level of details is at the highest level, so you get a gun and the dashboard with the instruments. It looks almost like a real plane, which means that it is a great choice for individuals who like perfection.

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FlyZone Micro Tiger Moth Biplane

FlyZone Micro Tiger Moth Biplane is made especially for people who like models of the old planes. It is made from foam, so it is stronger than other products of this type. In any case, this unit is a great choice for children above age 15, but adults can use it as well.

It costs $100, so it is a great choice if you are looking for an RC plane in this price range. Beside it is durable, it is resistant to damages and it is very light, due to the fact the manufacturers used lightweight materials. The dimensions are 18 x 15.6 x 7.4 inches and the weight is 3.2 pounds.

FlyZone Micro Tiger Moth Biplane

The manufacturer has included all you are going to need in the package, so this unit can be used as soon as you get it. In any case, this unit is a perfect choice and it is one of the most popular units of this type on the market. An interesting addition is figures of the pilot and copilot, so the whole unit is more interesting.

The most important fact is that this unit can be used outside and indoor, thanks to smaller dimensions. It can reach amazing speeds and it is durable, so you are going to use it for a long time.

Piper J3 Cub 610mm Brushless

Piper J3 Cub 610mm Brushless offers a high level of quality, much better than other product of this type have to offer. The price is high as well, so this unit costs $100. The reason why is the fact it has been made from durable materials, so it is more durable than other products.

The dimensions are 24 x 16.4 x 7.5 inches and the weight is 1.7 pounds. In any case, the finish is more than just great and this plane is perfect for perfectionists.

Piper J3 Cub 610mm Brushless

On the other side, the RC plane in question can be used by pilots with different skills. It is a great choice for beginners and experts at the same time, due to the fact it is easy to fly, but it offers amazing flying capabilities. The rotor that powers this unit is powerful as well and it has 2600RPMs which are more than similar units have to offer.

The unit in question has been designed for fun, so it comes with the corresponding features. It is quite easy to control this cute small plane since it offers a high level of maneuverability.

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Thunder Tiger RC 4380SZ Micro

This RC plane offers a realistic design and it is well made, so it costs $110. On the other side, it is made from a high-quality material and it is ready to fly. The charging time is 45 minutes and the flight time is 7 minutes. A great addition is the ability to use it indoor and outdoor. The dimensions are 21.9 x 6.2 x 7 inches and the weight is 1.6 pounds, so it is lightweight.

Keep in mind that the wings have to be attached, but they use magnets, so this procedure is very simple. In any case, this unit is easy to use and it is a great choice for beginners.

Correspondingly, it can withstand rough use and rough landings. The finish is modern and looks amazing as well. It is a great gift or a toy for yourself. Besides it looks great, it can be used for amazing stunts in the air, so it is more interesting that similar products. It is mandatory to know that this unit has been designed for children age 14 and above.

The manufacturer claims that it is so small, so that it can be used in the smaller indoor areas. Of course, you need to try it yourself and make sure it is true.

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What are micro RC airplanes and their main applications

As you might assume, the micro RC plane is a very small unmanned plane that serves for different purposes. Actually, this is a miniature UAV that may be autonomous with a range of advanced functions.

Today’s micro airplanes are less than 15 centimeters in size or just a few centimeters long. They come in very small sizes, can be controlled remotely, have easy maneuverability, and are capable of flying autonomously. Like the RC drones, RC planes are controlled by special remote controllers that include various commands. As for the power source, they require the particular batteries and can stay more than 30 minutes in the air, and, if you want to get more familiar with their power sources, we suggest checking out our article about RC batteries.

Micro RC plane

Since we are talking about RC planes, it is necessary to make a distinction between the traditional big helicopters and RC (remote-controlled) planes. The traditional helicopters have a single propeller from the upper side and a single rotor at the tail. This is the most common design when it comes to the helicopters. On the other side, RC planes are single or multirotor flying devices, controlled by a remote, and their design is completely different in every sense although they resemble the ordinary airplanes.

Also, you need to distinguish these units from the micro RC drones, which are most used and most common on the web. The difference is evident in both construction and general appearance. By the way, the RC drones are more advanced than the RC planes and have more functions as well.

There is a wide range of RC planes on the market, in different shapes, colors and designs, but the vast majority of them are made out from the cheap, lightweight materials. The more advanced models are equipped with the latest navigation systems as well as a number of flight functions.

Such small aircraft are ideal for the hard to reach environments that are not accessible to the ground vehicles. These planes are suitable for hobby purposes, so they are primarily intended for the commercial and home use. It is quite easy to control such an aircraft, so almost anyone can fly it. Therefore, the micro planes have been using around the world.

Main benefits of micro RC planes

The benefits of micro RC airplanes are plentiful, as they are suitable for different uses and can fly in various conditions. Like drones, you can fly these unmanned aerial vehicles anywhere UAVs are allowed to fly, and they are intended for both indoor and outdoor activities.

As mentioned above, they can reach hard to reach places, and they can fly at the heights which are too low for the helicopters and impossible to reach on foot. Besides, they have a great maneuverability, so the flips, tricks, dips, and curves are endless while flying them. Due to the small size, they are hardly noticeable while flying.

Benefits of micro RC planes

Although the micro planes are very small in size, many of them come with a variety of accessories and advanced functions. However, you should know that they do not have cameras in their construction and cannot record aerial videos like microdrones do. Yes, this is a big disappointment for all those who want to use them for the aerial videography and photography.

Just to add that the micro remote controlled planes are sold at the affordable prices on the market (about 100 dollars), and hence available for the masses.

Who should use these planes and for what purpose?

It is not possible to limit who should use these small planes because they are ideal for everyone, no matter whether it is a professional or beginner RC pilot. However, some models are most suitable for the professionals who are experienced in RC flying whilst the others are designed for the newbies to enjoying their free time in the sky.

These palm-sized planes are usually ready-to-use, so they are not intended for people who are looking for a kit or want to build an aircraft themselves. Of course, when you take them out of the box, you will have to connect the body to props and other components before taking the very first flight.

Unfortunately, their application field is not so wide compared to the RC drones, so they are intended for hobbyists and all those who like airplane-shaped toys. On the other hand, they are not useful for the professional tasks, such as surveying, mapping, surveillance, pipeline inspection, as well as all other applications where RC drones are used today.

As for the age limit, some manufacturers recommend these products for customers above 14 years of age, but this lower age limit is not strict. Easy controls make these drones convenient even for the kids.

Buying guide: Important features to consider when you go shopping

First of all, you need to clarify which model is most suitable for you. It depends on your needs, budget, and the experience in RC flying. Micro planes are divided into beginner and professional (most advanced) models based on their features. Today’s mini planes are mainly designed for the beginners, but we can expect in the future more professional micro RC airplanes.

When looking to buy such an aircraft, you should take into consideration the following things:

  • Price: In general, small RC planes are much cheaper than the RC drones. Of course, this is the first thing that most people take into account when they go shopping, but do not allow the price limit you if you find a quality, costly model on the web.
  • Features: As you can see in the aforementioned models, these flying devices have a lot of great features. Among others, you should consider the flying capabilities and maneuverability.
  • Components and specs: Every constructive detail is important, and you must look carefully the specifications related to a certain model. Among others, take a look at the electric motor and rotor, propellers, material, and battery.
  • Flight range: It is also important to take into consideration the flight range, i.e., the control distance and flight time.
  • Design: The general appearance is something that firstly attracts the customer’s The same goes for the micro planes, but you should consider the quality rather than the external appearance.
  • Warranty – Unfortunately, this information does not appear on the Amazon website in most cases, so you shall go on the official website of the particular model and contact the manufacturer via email.

Not sure what model to buy?

Above, you could read about the most popular models of the micro RC airplanes which are offered on the web today, and find out about their purpose, features, benefits, and other useful things related to them.

Micro RC plane model

In addition, it is also of help to see their main advantages and disadvantages before purchasing one.


  • Easy to control
  • Easy to carry wherever you want
  • Good maneuverability while flying
  • Offer amazing flying capabilities
  • Affordable price


  • Due to the low weight, they are not resistant to the strong winds
  • Not capable of carrying a load
  • They have a lot fewer features than RC drones
  • Cannot be used for the professional tasks
  • Do not include the cameras

The small RC planes are a great source of fun, and they have replaced the old airplane toys and surpassed them in any sense. However, you cannot still compare these units with the commercial RC drones because they don’t have such capabilities and features.

Today, micro airplanes are mostly used for fun, however, we can expect more powerful models in the near future that will be capable of recording and equipped with various advanced accessories. Time will show!

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