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Written by Jack Brown

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Remote controlled devices have been quite popular off late. This is especially true for aircrafts due to the fact that an RC plane can give an amateur flyer some useful flying experience. This is becomes even more interesting if there’s a camera on board, which is why today we will be talking about the best FPV RC planes in the market.

Having a camera on board can make the flying experience really fun as you can either record the camera footage or you could enjoy a First Person View system which makes it feel like you are actually flying.

However, having an FPV view on your device would bring in a number of other requirements. For instance, you would need a good transmission system for a live feed without disturbances. Besides, you would need a bright and effective display to bring you the camera footage.

FPV RC Plane on the grass

Also, carrying a camera would increase the weight of the RC plane and thus the stability might be affected. Choosing an RC FPV aircraft can be a rather difficult job since you would want the best of the camera footage as well as a stable flight.

Trying to make your job easier, we handpicked top 5 FPV RC planes available right now. So, if you’re interested, check them out!

Best 5 products on Amazon

NEW Huge Volantex FPV RC Airplane

First up on our list is this amazing plane with a sleek body and a sturdy construction. For starters, let us first talk about the construction of the device. It has an extremely lightweight construction that makes it suitable for mid-air flights. Also, it is recommended for outdoor flights where there are a lot more obstructions for the plane.

Along with that, the wing has an EPO make and has proven to be extremely durable. This means that the wings hold good even against some light breeze or disturbances.

NEW Huge Volantex FPV RC Airplane

Now, a prerequisite for carrying a camera for an FPV plane is its ability to carry heavy weights during its flight. This is where this device outshines the others. It is constructed with a special airfoil design that allows the aircraft to carry a higher payload. This can be translated to the use of a better camera. With a slightly heavy camera also, the device seems to be working perfectly fine. With a wingspan of about 78 inches, this plane has a total flying weight of 1500 grams without the battery included.

Talking about the battery, this aircraft is equipped with an 11.1 Volt 1800 mAh battery that gives you sufficiently long flight times. Being an FPV device, this plane is made compatible with almost all kinds of camera mounts so that the users can get a good view from the aircraft. The brushless motor setup gives you a power packed performance.

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Firstar FPV RC Airplane

The next product is an RTF plane from the house of Amazing Tech Depo. This is the ideal beginner’s model with very user-friendly operations. The 3 channel device comes with elevator, rudder and throttle. It is extremely lightweight in structure and has a rather sturdy construction. This makes it ideal for amateur flyers who are bound to make a few clashes here and there.

The material is also very durable and has an EPO shock resistant make. Besides, what makes it a good FPV device is the fact that it is good at high altitude gliding or soaring movements. This makes the aircraft extremely stable.  One of the biggest advantages for this RTF kit is the 2.4 GHz spread spectrum technology.

Firstar FPV RC Airplane

This comes with a very effective anti-interference ability that makes way for 20 planes to be flying through the air at the same time. Besides, it has a low power consumption and very fast reaction speeds.

Coming to the flight time, it is indeed surprising to witness a 20 minute flight time on 3 hours of charge of the 850 mAh battery. This proves especially useful during the FPV flights where the device has to be in the air for longer periods of time. The control range of the RC plane is about 1000 feet which is pretty impressive for this model. With a little bit of maintenance work, this aircraft can continue for long hours, even managing to survive some brutal clashes and collisions.

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6-Ch Remote Control FPV Raptor V2 Skyrider Airplane Glider RC

The next device on our list of the best FPV RC planes is a 6 channel product that gives the user full control of the flight. This includes the aileron, rudder, elevator, throttle and flaps. The plane has proven to be very effective for action movements, all thanks to its set of two long ailerons and two long flaps. This makes the device a high-performance one.

It has a huge wingspan, reaching about 2 m in length. This paves the way for mid-air gliding movements. This is why this is also known as a glider plane. Coming to the durability, this aircraft scores well in this department as well. It is made with a bow plastic fuselage with an EPO wing construction. This makes it resistant to shocks and it cannot be broken easily. What this does is gives the new flyers a lot more freedom to work in mid air conditions.

6 Ch Remote Control FPV Raptor V2 Skyrider Airplane Glider RC

The device is extremely fast, quick and has smooth reactions. This especially helps the FPV features of the plane. This is why a lot of users prefer to make use of this plane as a sports device. The battery is not included in the package. However, you could team the plane with an 1800 mAh to 10000 mAh battery for best results. On an average, the plane can work for 15 minutes at least for a 3000 mAh battery. The plane’s main advantage is the durability and its shockproof make.

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Hubsan H301S SPY HAWK 5.8G FPV 4CH RC Airplane

This is yet another FPV RC plane that has done interestingly well amongst the users. The sleek design does well for following quick commands and instructions from mid-air. The wingspan is rather lengthy, making it a suitable device for gliding movements. The total length of the aircraft is about 29 inches with 355 grams flying weight.

Now, Hubsan is a name we can trust when it comes to aerial remote controlled devices so this is one of the most durable aircrafts in the market. The best advantage, in this case, is the fact that the camera is included in the package. The camera has a resolution of 1920×1080 px and the angle is wide, standing at 120 degrees, which gives you a wide enough view.

Hubsan H301S SPY HAWK 5.8G FPV 4CH RC Airplane

Being an FPV airplane, this device can transmit direct camera footage for up to 1000 meters which is pretty useful. It comes with a built-in autopilot module which helps you retain control of the plane in case of accidents. If the device goes out of the control range, it can very well guide itself back to its start point, all thanks to the GPS feature of the plane.

The 32 GB memory card slot provides enough storage space for recording the camera feed. Lastly, the battery of 1300 mAh can provide you flight times in excess of 15 minutes to help you get a good and wide view.

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YKS H301S SPY HAWK RC Airplane RTF With GPS Module

The ideal RC FPV plane will be one that comes equipped with a high-resolution camera, gives high flight times and makes operations easier for the user. This brings us to the last product on our list of the best RC FPV planes.

It comes with a number of features that help the operators learn the art of flying an RC plane. For starters, the 1920×1080 camera has done exceedingly well in terms of providing you with a good first person view from mid-air. Added to that, the device also incorporates a 32 GB SD card that helps you store the recorded footage.

Next, we arrive at the battery. The aircraft makes use of a 7.4 Volt 1300 mAh battery that can give you excellently long flight times of about 20 to 25 minutes.

YKS H301S SPY HAWK RC Airplane RTF With GPS Module

Moreover, the plane also has a GPS function enabled that ensures you never lose track of the device. The auto return feature brings the aircraft back to you if you happen to lose it. It can also engage in a Position Hold feature to allow you to have a better look at the surroundings.

The 4 channel aircraft gives very stable flight characteristics with adequate control. The LED lights attached to the body make it easier to spot in dark flying conditions. The 2.4 GHz transmission allows for a 5.8 G image transmission.

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Buying guide: how to choose the best product

Buying an FPV RC plane is slightly tricky. It has to be a little different from the usual RC aircraft. Its carrying capacity, for instance, needs to be on the higher side. So, you must be careful of your choice of the device if you want to get the best flying experience. Also, the best choice should be made considering your experience and flying abilities.

Firstar FPV RC model

Here are some factors to consider while purchasing your first FPV aircraft.

  1. Design. The design and stability become even more important for an FPV device. This is because the camera feed will be steady when the device movements are stable. For having a stable flight, it would be best to opt for a design where the wing is located on top of the fuselage.
  2. Camera mount. For all FPV planes, it is essential to ensure that the device comes with a camera mount, capable enough to carry heavy cameras.
  3. Battery life. Since the presence of a camera on the device is going to consume more power, it would be good to have a higher capacity battery, in excess of 1000 mAh, that can give you long flight times even with the camera working.
  4. Transmitter. In order to view the live feed from the camera, it is imperative to have a good video transmitter. Choosing a 900 MHz or 1.3 GHz transmitter would mean fewer obstacles in the path of transmission. A 2.4 GHz device, on the other hand, will give you a wider choice of antennas. In general, a higher power will give you a longer range and facilitate video sharing, but might be heavier and require a heat sink. Also, you need to consider how you will watch the video feed, on a monitor or with FPV goggles. In case you are thinking about the second, make sure you also read our article about the best FPV goggles.
  5. Payload. An ideal FPV plane should be able to carry enough weight while giving stable flights. This will be required for accommodating heavy cameras that can actually give you high-quality footage. Besides, having a camera would also require a larger battery which would make the device even heavier. For all these reasons considered, the RC plane must be able to carry a higher payload and at the same time not compromise on flight characteristics.

Important features for an FPV RC plane

Having an RC FPV plane is a lot different from the usual RC devices. This will bring in a number of different features specific to the camera compatible device.

6 Ch Remote Control FPV Raptor V2 Skyrider Airplane Glider RC features

Let us have a look at some of the most important features that make the FPV devices more user-friendly.

  • Position hold. This is one rather interesting feature. The Position Hold option allows the device to maintain its position without you having to control it all times. What this does is basically facilitate you to have a more enhanced photographic experience by helping you control the camera alone and not the device. The device holds its position and sometimes hovers around to get the best camera angle.
  • Return to Home. This is another feature that is a must-have in an FPV plane. Sometimes it happens that while controlling the camera, we tend to ignore the device direction and movement. This might lead to the plane going out of the range of flight. In such cases, the return to home feature can bring the aircraft back to its take-off point irrespective of which direction it is headed.
  • GPS. The return to home function is effectively dependent of the GPS navigation of the aircraft. This is important in order to have a guidance system during those long flights. This allows you to concentrate more on the camera functions instead of worrying about the drone directions.
  • OSD. On Screen Display is also essential for an FPV device. An aircraft with such a display actually works towards giving you a wider display to give you continuous, uninterrupted live footages of the camera feed during the device’s flight.
  • Compatibility with different camera mounts. A good PFV aircraft should be compatible with different camera mounts such that you can use it with different photographic devices for the best results. Also, the camera mounts need to be well fixed to the FPV device.
  • Long range. Aircrafts with a long range tend to give better performances in case of FPV devices.

Not sure which model to buy?

When you decide to buy a good RC PFV plane yourself, you will encounter a number of different models. However, the device you purchase depends entirely on your individual needs. While some people want to opt for stable flight characteristics, some others are ready to compromise on flight times and go for good quality pictures.

Plus, for a beginner, one would need a very user-friendly device with easy controls, and to make your choice easier, we have just the post for you! Make sure you also read our article about the best RC planes for beginners. If you are still unable to decide on the ideal model, here are some key points that could help you arrive at the decision.

Kid flying FPV model

Talking about FPV planes, the first aspect to be considered here is the compatibility with camera mounts. A good RC aircraft should actually be working well with different camera mounts. This is where the Volantex RC airplane does really well.

You can use different cameras and mounts with this device to get the best pictures. However, it will work the best with a GoPro device. The battery is also pretty powerful to give you long flights times and more pictures thus. However, the only issue is that the battery, transmitter, and receiver, all have to be bought separately.

The Firstar RC airplane might not give you the most amazing flight characteristics, but it indeed is one of the most durable devices in the market. Some users claim to have hit trees, basketball posts and even trucks with a minor damage, nothing that cannot be fixed with a little glue and tape.

This aircraft is the typical park flyers where it will give you decent camera footages. The flight time is also impressive for this device, giving you a full 20 minutes. This makes the park flyer a rather decent FPV plane. Overall, it is a great beginner plane, ideal for an amateur flyer.

FPV Raptor V2 Skyrider Airplane Glider RC

Talking about durability, the 6 channel Skyrider airplane does well in this aspect. Being a glider plane, it is well equipped for gliding movements mid-air. The 6 channel system gives you very stable flight characteristics that also support decent camera footage.

The shock resistant material ensures that your device stays fit and unbroken even in slightly disturbed weather conditions. You could add a battery of your choice. Ideally, the one complete charge should provide you with about 15 to 20 minutes of flight time that would give you long and unhindered camera footage.  Besides, the high-performance plane can also be used for sporting activities.

If you do not want to take a risk with your choice and want to stick to a tried and tested brand, the Hubsan H301S would be a good choice for you in this regard. This is a ready to fly kit that comes with a number of advantages. For starters, the device has an inbuilt camera that makes it easy for the users. Besides, it is equipped with a GPS setup that can give a sense of direction to the users. The autopilot feature helps the plane to come back to its position of take-off in case your operations go out of the control zone.

Talking about interesting features helping you in more stable flights, we come across the Position Hold feature in the YKS H301S SPY HAWK device. This allows you to take a better shot at the surroundings while your aircraft is stable in position. Besides, this plane gives you amazingly long battery lives, extending up to 25 minutes or more.

YKS H301S SPY HAWK plane

The 5.8 G image transmission makes it easier for you to watch the first person view footage from the camera. The whole package includes the RC airplane, transmitter, charger and the manual. With a viewing range of 1000 meters, you can have nothing to complain about in this aspect. Also, the 12 A brushless motor does a good enough job to power the device.

Let us now have a look at the advantages and disadvantage of an FPV RC plane:


  • Bing able to see the live images and camera footage gives you a bird’s eye view standing at the ground level.
  • This gives you the feel of a real pilot
  • Flight characteristics are very steady when it comes to FPV aircrafts
  • An FPV plane helps you in terms of aerial photography, to have a proper view before clicking the pictures.


  • Using a good camera for an FPV plane can consume more power from the plane battery leading to lower flight times.
  • The device becomes more expensive because the separate equipment is required for an FPV plane.

An FPV RC plane has a number of advantages to offer, with a number of different features to make your flight experience a better one. However, the most important aspect is that you get a bird’s eye view of the earth from a certain height. Also, this is especially useful for people wanting to engage in aerial photography.

Using a device with some features like the Position Hold and Automatic Return can help you have a smoother flight. An FPV aircraft might come with some added expenditures first up, but it will definitely be worth the money, all thanks to the amazing flight experience.

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