Best Chroma Drones: 5 Amazing Products for A Fantastic Flying Experience

Blade Chroma 4k
Written by Jack Brown

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When searching for a good flight-ready drone for aerial videography, you need to take a look at the best Chroma drones. What will you get with these drones? They give you a wide variety of flight modes, which allows you to have many skill levels and enjoy exciting types of action.

Chroma quadcopters are designed for the best quality videos from the air, and they are suitable for both professionals and beginners. However, you should know that these drones are fairly expensive. Also, you need to be well aquainted with the rules of aerial filming, and you can get there by reading our article about drone photography rules.

The Chroma drones feature a smart mode that makes control easy even for the first-time RC pilots. Thanks to stick relativity, this mode allows you to fly your drone smoothly in the same direction of the control stick.

There is also the so-called Safe Circle barrier that disables drone to fly too close to you and people around you. On the other hand, the professional drone pilots can enjoy AP (aerial photography) mode because these quads have a smooth and predictable response while flying. In addition, there are also follow me mode and tracking mode.

If you are still undecided which Chroma model to buy, take into account the following five models that are the best according to customers’ opinion.

Top 5 Chroma quadcopters on the market

Chroma Flight-Ready Drone with Stabilized CGO3 4K Camera

If you want to purchase a ready-to-fly quadcopter with built-in HD camera, you should consider this Chroma drone with stabilized CGO3 4K camera. It is capable of capturing the most stunning 4K aerial videos without ‘fisheye effects’. No experience is necessary to fly this quad because it is very easy to control. While recording, you have a live video and all essential information on the controller display.

This product comes with an ST-10+ controller with modern touch-screen display with intuitive Android interface for the best RC experience. Also, the package includes a battery charger, one 6300mAh LiPo battery, and an USB programmer cable.

Chroma Flight-Ready Drone with Stabilized CGO3 4K Camera

What makes this drone different from other quadcopters on the market is a multitude of flight modes:

  • Smart Mode – This mode facilitates flying to the beginner drone pilots. The high sensitive stick relativity and circle barrier make flight easy and safe as well.
  • AP (Aerial Photography) is intended for the experienced RC pilots to make the high-quality aerial photos.
  • Follow Me Mode serves as a built-in copilot that helps you during the flight. It allows you to focus on recording. Just set the altitude and distance, and your drone will follow you all the time.
  • Tracking Mode – In this mode, the drone keeps track of its pilot and points the camera to him/her while flying. Thus, you can make the stunning selfies from the air.
  • Return Home Mode for the safe landings. As the name says, the drone returns to the starting point from where it began flying and lands itself.

Besides these modes, there are also other great features, including an adjustable function for the flight boundaries, as well as a mounted GPS antenna for the better accuracy and reliability. Flight time is 30 minutes, dimensions are 13.1 x 13.1 x 9.5 inches, and it only weighs 12.5 pounds.

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BLADE Chroma Drone with 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal & ST-10+ Transmitter

This BLADE Chroma drone is quite easy to fly. It is designed to shoot smoothly and make the steadiest aerial videos, thanks to the great maneuverability and a gimbal for GoPro camera (it supports HERO4 action camera). The camera is not included, so pay attention to this fact when looking for this model. In addition to the brushless gimbal, this quadcopter also features ST-10+ transmitter (with a ground station) and a few flight modes such as a smart mode for the beginners, an advanced safe technology, AP, follow me, tracking and return home mode.

BLADE Chroma Drone with 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal & ST-10+ Transmitter

The ST-10+ transmitter enables remote control of this unmanned aircraft, monitors live video feed, and also displays telemetry information. Other features worth mentioning are a GPS flight control system with compass and adjustable flight boundaries system. Ground station system and 2.4 GHz transmitter are combined into one device that has the 10-channel ST-10+. Besides, there is a 5.8 GHz receiver and 5.5″ touch screen with an embedded Android OS for the gimbal control.

As far as the design, this X-configuration Chroma quad is very catchy and well composed. Since this drone is 19.6 x 15.9 x 11.1 inches in size and weighs 12.2 pounds, it is very suitable to carry. This product includes a 5400mAh flight battery that allows up to 30 minutes fly. It comes along with its charger and an 8GB memory card.

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Chroma Drone with CGO2+ 16 MP 1080p/60 3-Axis Stabilized Camera

If you are looking for a drone for the brilliant HD photos and videos, take a look at this Chroma quadcopter. This model includes a CGO2+ system that combines a 3-axis stabilization gimbal and high-definition 16MP camera into a single unit which is capable of making the crystal clear aerial videos and photos.

All camera controls are at your fingertips, as they are placed on the ST-10+ controller. Here is what you’ll get with this camera: 16MP photos, 1080p/60fps videos, 3-axis brushless stabilization gimbal for steady capture, no-distortion lens, an adjustable resolution, and live video streaming on Android mobile devices. Yes, it’s really amazing!

Chroma Drone with CGO2+ 16 MP 1080p 60 3-Axis Stabilized Camera

Like the above-mentioned drones, this model also features the same flight modes – AP (Aerial Photography), smart, follow me, return home, and tracking mode. You will get telemetry info about the flight as well as live video on the controller display. There is also GPS antenna for greater reliability and accuracy in the sky.

As the manufacturer says, you’ll get everything in one box. Among others, there is an included 6300 mAh LiPo battery (although the first-run batteries have a label “5400 mAh”) and its compatible charger. This battery can produce up to 30 minutes flight. All components are well composed in a 13.1 x 13.1 x 9.5 inches white frame, and due to the lightweight materials, this quad only weighs 2.9 pounds.

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Chroma Drone with 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal for GoPro Hero4

All that is said for the previous drone also applies to this one, too. So, this Chroma quadcopter also has 3-axis gimbal that supports GoPro Hero4 camera. Also, there are plenty of flight modes (smart, return home, follow me, AP, tracking, as well as a system for the flight boundaries), and an included GPS system.

What makes this model different from the aforementioned Chroma drones is an improved Spectrum DX4 controller that allows pilots to easily put their drone in the desired position for the best shots. This controller includes great flight controls, a new 2.4GHz technology, and agile gimbal controls to move the camera up/down and tilt it in different angles. Therefore, this quad is pretty easy to control and it is convenient for the beginner pilots. It is a real pleasure to fly this drone either outdoors or indoors.

Chroma Drone with 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal for GoPro Hero4

All flight modes use altitude sensors and GPS in order to precisely hold the position of the drone in the air. The design remained unchanged compared to the previous models and it is very specific and recognizable for the Chroma quadcopters – white X-shaped frame, details in a bronze color, and two side legs.

The size is 13.1 x 13.1 x 9.5 inches while the weight is 2.9 pounds. As for the batteries, you will need one LiPo 6300 mAh battery for the drone and four AA batteries for the controller (included in the package). Flight time is up to 30 minutes and it depends on wind conditions and flying style. Unfortunately, the warranty is not mentioned on the Amazon website, so you will need to contact the manufacturer or your supplier for this info. Luckily, the shipping is available for many countries outside the U.S. when it comes to this model.

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Chroma Bind-N-Fly Drone with GoPro Ready Camera Mount

There is no need to talk about all the specifications of this model because they are substantially the same as in other Chroma drones – for both flight modes and design. Just to mention what features include and what you will get in the box if you buy this product. This great product features manual tilt adjustment for the ultra-stable camera holder, lightweight but very durable construction, and rubber mounting base.

Chroma Bind-N-Fly Drone

Here’s what you’ll get in the package along with this ready-to-fly drone:

  • 5400mAh LiPo cartridge-shaped battery & 6300mAh Li-Po flight batteries
  • Battery charger plus AC adapter
  • USB programmer cable
  • Spare props
  • Chroma Flight Case

Generally speaking, this is another well-designed Chroma quadcopter which has nice and sturdy body. It is slightly larger than previous quads, since the dimensions are 30 x 26 x 20 inches. Larger size affects the larger weight of about 30 pounds. As already mentioned, this unmanned aircraft requires a 5400mAh LiPo flight battery, and when the battery is fully charged, the drone can fly up to 30 min.

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Who is the target market?

After seeing the main models in this category, now let’s see who will actually benefit the most out of these drones.

Chroma Camera Drone: Designed for photography from the air

This drone is all about the aerial photography. As the result, it comes with one of the best cameras on the market and it is an actual professional drone. A camera is a professional unit as well and it has a resolution of 16 MP, which is needed if you want to make amazing photos and videos from the air.

Keep in mind that this drone can be used by filmmakers and people who are looking for a drone for professional applications. It isn’t a toy and it isn’t designed for beginners, although, flying is very simple and the experience isn’t required.

Chroma Camera Drone

The flying capabilities are on a professional level as well, so you get a flying time of 30 minutes and the stability is at the highest level. All of this is mandatory for making amazing aerial photos and videos. In any case, this drone is more than just good in the air, so this is another benefit you will get. However, the price is high as well, and this unit is treated as one of the most expensive drones on the market. At the same time, it is one of the most expensive drones this manufacturer has to offer.

Another addition you will get is the amazing remote controller. It comes with a display, where you can see everything that is recorded or it will be. Even better, the unit offers amazing controls, so this drone is very easy to control. Both, the drone and the remote controller are well made and the build quality is at the highest level as well. They can withstand rough use and the drone can be used in tight and dangerous situations. In addition, the drone is ready to fly, which means that as soon you get it, you can fly with it and explore its abilities.

Chroma Flight-Ready Drone with Stabilized CGO3 4K Camera: Perfect for beginners

This unit has been designed and made in a similar way as the previous model we mentioned, so it also comes with great capabilities. However, there are a lot of differences as well, so this unit isn’t a professional drone for filmmakers. It has a camera that isn’t perfect, as we saw with the aforementioned model and the flying capabilities are slightly different. At the same time, the price is lower as well, so this drone can be categorized as a perfect unit for people who are beginners, but they are looking for a perfect beginners drone with a great camera.

This unit is ready to fly as soon you get it, so the assembly and other issues are not needed. In addition, it offers 30 minutes of flying time, which is more than similar drones have to offer. At this moment, it is one of the most popular drones, made by this manufacturer, simply due to the fact it is affordable, but it comes with amazing features and it is well made.

Chroma Flight Ready Drone

The manufacturer used the best materials that offer the perfect combination of the quality and the weight, so this drone is very lightweight, but it is resistant and it can even withstand rough landings. On the other side, the camera isn’t so resistant, so you should be careful with it.

The flying capabilities have been specially developed so this drone is perfect for beginners. This means that the experience isn’t required and flying is more than just simple. The fact that the remote controller is more than just great is another benefit you will get. It has been developed so it offers perfect controlling as easy as possible, so it is perfect if you don’t have experience with drones.

BLADE Chroma Flight-Ready Drone: Perfect for aerial maneuverability

If you are looking for a drone that offers amazing maneuverability in the air, the latest BLADE Chroma Flight-Ready Drone is the best choice. It has been based on the latest technology. So it is one of the best and the most advanced drones of this type and the main application is for impressive flying.

Impressive flying means that it has been designed for people who like flying their drones fast and making amazing stunts in the air. It also offers 30 minutes of flying time, which is more than similar drones have to offer, especially those from this price range.

It is packed with the latest technology as well, so this unit comes with a SAFE Plus feature, which makes it perfect for beginners. Flying is easier than you can experience with similar drones, so this unit is a bit better choice if you are looking for a unit that is perfect and simple, when it comes to flying. On the other side, it offers smooth flights and it is very precise in the air, so you can use it for interesting applications.

BLADE Chroma Flight-Ready Drone

The rotors are large and powerful, so this drone is quick and it can make amazing stunts in the air which is the main application of it. At the same time, the top speed is higher than similar drones have to offer and the build quality is better, so it can withstand rough landings, which will occur if you are looking for aerial stunts.

Keep in mind that other features that are more than need nowadays are supported as well, so this unit can be used for making aerial photos and videos and it comes with additional features.

Chroma Flight-Ready Drone: Made for people who want the ultimate fun

The new Chroma Flight-Ready Drone has been designed for people who are looking for an amazing level of fun and they are ready to pay for it. This drone is the most affordable unit here but it comes with amazing features and it isn’t an entry level drone. As we mentioned, the main application of this unit is fun, so this unit offers impressive flying capabilities and it is interesting to fly.

The maneuverability is also at the highest level, so flying this drone can be fun no matter where and when you want. Due to the fact the rotors offer impressive trust and performances, this unit can be used for minor races as well. Another application may be the aerial photography, just keep in mind that it isn’t the main applications of this unit. This manufacturer already has drones that have been designed especially for aerial photography, and they have all features that are mandatory.

Chroma Flight-Ready Drone

Making stunts in the air is possible and it is a real pleasure to make them, due to the fact this model comes with an upgraded controller. In any case, this drone is perfect for people who like playing with their drones and it is even better if several people use the same drones, due rot the fact the number of possibilities is endless. On the other side the price is low, but it isn’t the lower and there are more affordable drones on the market so this is more than just an expensive toy.

The level of quality is better than most drones with this price have to offer, but it isn’t at the highest level. Keep in mind that all about this drone is fun, so it isn’t professional drone, but it is one of the best that can offer the most fun when you are flying it.

Chroma Bind-N-Fly Drone: Designed for people who often change locations

People who like drones and who like traveling at the same time have a different demand for their units. The latest Chroma Bind-N-Fly Drone is designed especially for those people, so it comes with amazing features and several additions, other drones don’t have. The best part of it is the ability to carry this drone in amazing case, anywhere you want. This means that this unit is perfect if you like traveling and you like flying your drone on different locations, across the planet. The case is well made and it is compact, which means that it requires as little of space as possible.

It is a bit different than ordinary drones. The materials the manufacturer uses are lightweight but durable, so they can withstand rough travels. On the other side, this unit has a bigger range of the temperature when it can be used, so it can be used in colder and warmer situations and it won’t overheat nor there will be any issues with the performances.

Chroma Bind-N-Fly Drone with GoPro Camera

Other features are standard, so this unit comes with 30 minutes of flying time, which is great and it can be fitted with a GoPro camera, but it isn’t included in the package, so this is another addition. Speaking of additions, you need to be aware that the initial price you pay for the drone when you buy it, isn’t the final one. This is not a cheap hobby as drones, like any other device that uses motors, electronics, and moving parts, need maintenance, and possibly some accessories, thus, you will spend more money than you planned in the beginning. Therefore, to get a better idea on this subject, we suggest checking out our article about the real cost of drones.

It offers a smooth flight and it can fly in all weather conditions, which is another fact that makes this unit stand out from the crowd. An interesting addition is the fact it isn’t very expensive and it has a similar price as ordinary drones, so this unit may be the best investment.

As a summary, you could read about best five Chroma drones you can find on the market today, and find out about their features and specifications in details. Also, you have seen their main applications and who should use them. Of course, you also need to take into account the prices as well as the customer reviews under each of these drones. Compare them and select one that is most suitable for you.

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