RTF RC Planes: An Enthusiast Flyer’s Delight!

RC Plane in the air
Written by Jack Brown

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Every flying enthusiast would know the importance of a good RC plane. But, what exactly is a good RC plane? One that is durable, gives fairly decent flight times, has different flight modes, gives stable flights, and has powerful control and the likes. Now, when it comes to RTF RC planes (or Ready-to-fly), your work as a flyer is significantly reduced.

You can focus on just flying the device instead of assembling it. The advantage here is that you could get a product with a set of built-in features like a stable body, sturdier look, large battery, different flight modes and the likes.

If we’ve caught your interest, let’s see the most interesting products in the market and why you should consider them.

Quick reviews for the best models in the market

Top Race Cessna C185 Electric 2 Ch Infrared Remote Control RC Airplane

The first product on our list comes from Top Race. This is a rather interesting product with full flight controls and likes for a more enhanced flight experience. The most important feature for this device is the Auto Stable Technology. This ensures that you get an absolutely stable flight as it removes the unnecessary jitters and movements to give you a solid and steady performance.

Next, one of the features the users desire most in the RC planes is durability. This is where this product really outshines its counterparts. It is made from extremely durable materials that can hold strong against a light wind and does not break on light collisions.

Top Race Cessna C185 Electric 2 Ch Infrared Remote Control RC Airplane

Even more, the device gives you a flight time of a whopping 12 to 15 minutes! This is pretty impressive for a plane of this size and at this price. Besides, it takes only about 40 to 60 minutes to get fully charged. So, this eliminates the waste of time between flights.

Now, we come to the range of the device. It can run well up to about 30 to 40 meters. Also the wingspan of about 9 inches tends to hold strong against disturbing flight conditions.

The device is delivered with the transmitter and the controls are both user-friendly and easy to use. At this price, this is definitely a very useful buy for all RC plane enthusiasts!

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Apprentice S 15e RTF (Ready-To-Fly) Beginner RC Airplane with Safe Technology

If you are an amateur flyer and want to gain some experience in flying a remote controlled device, then this might be just the ideal product for you. E-Flight brings to us a very exciting airplane that is ideal for beginners. Actually, it is one of the best products in the market.

For starters, the most talked about feature of this airplane is the SAFE technology. This provides your device with a spatial awareness that would help protect it during flight sessions. This proves to be especially helpful for a beginner. The product has a very easy design and helps users understand the device better.

Apprentice S 15e RTF (Ready-To-Fly) Beginner RC Airplane with Safe Technology

Talking about the construction, it has a Z-foam make. This, not only makes the plane more durable but also strong and sturdy. Coming to the motor, the aircraft impresses the users in this aspect as well. It is equipped with a powerful, 840 kV brushless motor with the electronic speed controllers installed.

Now, the battery proves to be one of the most important aspects of the plane. This product comes with a power packed 3200 mAh Li-Po battery. There is quite a large spaced battery compartment that facilitates the usage of a bigger battery.

Now, coming to the ground movements, the airplane is gifted with a set of very efficient landing gear with easier landing options. Also, the nose wheel steering allows you to control the device with ease, but just to make sure you know what you are doing, we suggest checking out our how to fly an RC plane article. There are different flight modes to choose from depending on your experience and the Panic Recovery Mode gets your device to safety during an unstable flight.

Furthermore, this model comes with different flight modes to choose from, depending on your experience and the Panic Recovery Mode gets your device to safety during an unstable flight.

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Super Cub R/C Trainer Plane V765-2

When we talk about ready to fly RC planes, we cannot leave out this efficient product from Amazing Tech Depot. This is a 3-channel plane with elevator, rudder and throttle and comes equipped with a number of exciting features to enhance your flying experience.

Its anti-interference feature is a rather interesting one and it ensures that you do not have issues controlling the device even when there are other RC devices nearby. There might be around 20 airplanes flying in the same area and yet you would have full control over your device, all thanks to the 2.4 GHz technology. It has very fast reaction speeds. This facilitates smoother control.

Super Cub RC Trainer Plane V765-2

Besides, the product is extremely lightweight and durable. It does not sustain damages on light collisions or crashes. The fact that it is made from EPO shock resistant material proves the point. The most important aspect here is that the airplane can be used for First Person View. This is all thanks to the high altitude flights and movements.

The next factor to consider here is the battery. This airplane is equipped with a 7.4 V 500 mAh battery that can give flight times going as high as 15 minutes. The charging time is a little on the higher side requiring 3 hours for a full charge of the battery.

However, the 300 meter control range makes up for this. On the whole, the sturdy construction and easy controls make this RC device a suitable one for beginners.

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e-flite U3080 UMX PT-17

e-Flight brings to us another exciting product on our list of the best RTF RC planes. This is a very popular RTF plane which can be flown right out of the box without having to work on its assembly. To start off, this is an extremely solid and durable product coming with an advanced AS3X technology.

It has the perfect 4-channel control that makes it easier for the new flyers. The 2.4 GHz technology ensures that the instructions coming from the operators are easily received by the device. However, the controller will need to be purchased separately and is not included in the packaging.

e-flite U3080 UMX PT-17

Next up is the battery. This plane comes with a 3.7 V 150 mAh battery. This is included in the product package. On low throttle, this product can assure you flight times as long as 10 minutes on a single charge.

This is pretty good when it comes to RC planes. Moreover, the package also includes a USB charger for a 1S LiPo flight battery. However, this plane might face some issues when it comes to working in the wind because of its extremely lightweight structure.

The landing might prove to be troublesome in such situations. Thus, it is best advised to fly it in stable conditions. But it gives you very acrobatic flights at all other times especially if you want to train yourself in the basics of flying like taking off, landing and the likes. Besides, it can hover in the air at about 8 mph for best results.

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ARES GAMMA 370 Ready To Fly RC Airplane

Ares brings us the last product on our list. This is one of the most durable and user-friendly products in the market. For starters, let us talk about the structure. It is made from an EPO foam material that leads to a very lightweight and simple design and construction.

Because of its lightweight nature, it can be flown very easily by the operator. Besides, it is pretty durable and does not sustain too many damages.

However, even if there is an issue, the simple design facilitates very easy repairs.  Now, coming to the powerhouse of the device, it is equipped with a factory installed a system that comes with special electronic speed controllers and 9-gram sub-micro servos for best results.

The flight performances offered by this device are some of the best you will get. The smooth flights will be ideal for you if you are an amateur and want to train yourself in flying RC planes.

ARES GAMMA 370 Ready To Fly RC Airplane

Also, because of its swift movements, this device qualifies for sport flying or airplane racing. Overall, this model has a total weight of 6.1 pounds, and just the right size. It is larger than the conventional micro class models.

This facilitates better viewing and also gives you better control in case of windy situations. But the most exciting part of the device is the 1000 mAh battery. This gives you flight times of 12 to 15 minutes easily. This product can serve as a training plane for beginners and sports equipment for the experienced!

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Buying guide

If you decide on getting an RTF RC plane for yourself, you will be greeted with a truckload of options in the market. So, choosing the best one is imperative in order to have the best flying experience.

Different planes come with different features and your needs are very specific in this regard. This is why we bring to you a list of some of the factors you might concentrate on for the purchase.

Type of planes

RC planes can be categorized into different sections, each suited for different needs and functions. For instance, a park flyer plane is a ready to fly kit that is best suited for flying in public places like a park. These do not disturb the people around and is ideal for beginners. On the other hand, indoor planes are ideal to be flown in large halls inside buildings.

Larger RC planes

These are too light to be flown outside in different weather conditions. Micro RC planes have become quite popular, mainly because of their low airspace requirement, and to get more familiar with these little planes, we suggest checking out our article about micro RC planes. But the best option for a beginner would be a glider plane that will train him or her into the world of flying. The larger RC planes would, of course, require more flying space and experience, but the feeling is far greater than with any other class, and to get a better insight on these amazing machines, we suggest checking out our article about the best RC plane models on the market.


Once you have decided on the type of plane you want to buy, the next important aspect to focus on is the design of the device. For a beginner, the design would be interpreted as the key to stability. A lot of people tend to ignore this feature of the plane, but it proves to be very useful.

Designed RC plane

If you are planning to learn the art of flying, it would be best if you take a plane that has a high wing trainer design. What this basically means is that the wing is placed on top of the fuselage. This translates to higher stability, a necessity for the beginners.

Besides, your device should come with a prominent dihedral, which is defined as the angle between the wings when viewed from the front of the aircraft. The higher the dihedral, the higher should be the stability of the device.


The number of channels featured in your aircraft can also vary with how enhanced you want your flying experience to be. A 3 channel device would be ideal with control to the motor, elevator, and rudder. This especially helps the cause of beginner flyers. A 4-channel aircraft will give you better control, extending to the ailerons.

This might get more expensive and isn’t suitable for beginners. However, if your budget is limited, you could opt for a 2 channel device which would do the job for you. This will give you control over the motor and the rudder. The more the number of channels and controls, the more fun you can have with your exciting new airplane.

Flight time

The purpose of your airplane will decide how long you want your device to fly. For instance, if you are hoping to get some camera footage or First Person View from the plane, you could opt for a product with a moderate flight time. However, if you are want to engage in plane racing or other such sports, it would be ideal to go for a device that can give you long flight times.

Flight time

If you plan to use it just as a hobby, for fun, you could spend less on the battery part of the device and get a shorter flight time.

Availability of spare parts

When you are flying a plane, you are prone to make a few collisions. For such situations, it is best to have spare parts handy. If your design is simple enough, you can make the repairs yourself. The landing gear, for instance, could be kept as spare for when you need it. Also, you have to ensure that the prices of the spare parts are not excessively high.

Tips for flying an RTF RC plane

Here are some ideas to focus on before you take your RC plane out in the open:

  • Check your plane’s weight and balance. It is important to note if your plane is well balanced or not. An improper balance can have serious consequences and lead to a crash or a collision. There is one interesting method to find this out. You could keep the index fingers of both of your hands under either of the wings and slowly try to lift the device up. If it can be lifted up straight maintaining the balance, your plane is good to go. Else, if it tends to bend downwards, you still have to work on it before taking it out for a spin.
  • Pre-flight checks. Because it is ready to fly kit, a lot of people tend to ignore the pre-flight checks. However, these are important to ensure that your plane is good to go. Some of these would include checking that the wing is secured tightly to the body of the plane, the propellers are secure, the motor works fine and efficiently, there are no loose parts or components attached to the device, the transmitter works fine and communicates with the plane and the likes. Besides, make sure to check the range in order to know how far you can take your device.
  • Takeoff. It is known that the most number of crashes happen during the takeoff and landing situations. It is essential to take off against the wind. This will help you get the resistance against the wind and thus get you the most powerful lift. Some aircrafts are such that they take off after gathering speed and some ground motion. In these situations, it would be best to start off with an even surface.
  • Landing. Just like the case of takeoff, when you plan to land, you must do it against the wind. The main aim here is to make the plane land next to you when you have the controller in your hand. When you find that the plane is close to the surface, the best idea would be turning the power off and letting the plane glide on the even surface.
  • Verify your battery life. Before every flight, you must ensure that there is enough charge on your battery to last the entire flight. If there is a lack of battery power, your device will stop working in the middle of the flight and crash onto the ground.
  • Flight test. When you take your first flight test, you should not allow the plane to fly too far off. In such a situation, you could try by maneuvering the device in circles a little above your head. This will help you get an idea of the plane structure and its functions.


Remote Controlled planes are really popular amongst the flying enthusiasts and flying such a plane has become more of a hobby.

As mentioned, there are different kinds of aircrafts available in this category:

  • Ready to fly kits – which are the most convenient with everything ready and set and the plane can be flown outside the box.
  • Plane kits which have to be built from scratch and that is especially useful for the experienced flying enthusiasts.
  • There are devices which have an almost ready to fly status with 90% of the work done and you would have to make slight adjustments to get the device started.

Different devices are suited for different purposes. While some offer the best stability and gel well with the beginners, some others can offer more acrobatic moves and give rise to a more agile device. There are some major advantages of RTF planes.

RTF planes advantages

On the other hand, there are also quite a few problems associated with these devices. Let us look into some of the pros and cons of choosing an RTF plane.


  • The most obvious advantage in case of an RTF RC plane is the fact that it is completely assembled. You do not have to work on putting the parts together by going through the instruction manual.
  • These planes are ideal for beginners since you wouldn’t need a lot of additional knowledge about the construction of the device.
  • This is a more time-saving version of an RC
  • These planes are sturdier because they are usually constructed by professionals.


  • Repairs can be long and strenuous. Since you wouldn’t be well aware of the internal design and operations, it would get difficult to make repairs to these RTF planes.
  • Some experienced flyers, who are looking for the satisfaction of building the RC plane right from scratch, would be rather disappointed.

Overall, a ready to fly aircraft is ideal for a beginner. You wouldn’t need to do any work to get the plane out of the box and up in the air. This gives you a head start into the world of flying. However, a number of tests must be conducted before you start the device.

RTF RC PLANES disadvantages

If you hope to use the plane for sporting purposes, you would need a product which is more flexible and has some acrobatic movements. Also, for an FPV plane, you would need a more stable flight performance. There are many such aspects to keep in mind before flying the plane. With different modes, you could get your hands set on flying using these RTF RC planes.

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