Toy Drones Overview: The Most Suitable Products for Children and Beginners

Written by Jack Brown

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The popularity of drones is something most of us will reckon with or have to reckon with in the near future. However, today we will focus on toy drones that most of the families fly indoors or in their backyards for fun on a calm day. Children will be the ones who are mostly involved in this activity which is why it is paramount for you to select the most suitable drone for their age.

Most manufacturers such as Hubsan or Syma (just to mention a few) have directed their efforts in designing small drones that are most suitable and convenient for both children and parents. This way, the entire family can participate in the fun.

Before talking about the most popular models out there, there are a couple of factors that need to be borne in mind when choosing a toy drone. First of all, in most of the cases, the users will be beginner pilots and as such, it is expected that they will be prone to crushing them. For this reason, it will be wise to purchase an inexpensive drone or find one which can withstand several crashes with fewer damages.

You also need to buy micro-sized drones that are easily portable and you have to make sure that they are easy to fly. The flight time for most of the RC drone toys will be between 6 to 8 minutes and it will thus be prudent for you to get a drone that allows for the use of removable chargeable batteries.

Without further ado let us look at some of the best drones you can play with from some of the best manufacturers of RC small drones.

The best toy drones on the market

To avoid the hustle of having to compare several drones and then think of the best to pick among them, here is a list with some of the best models out there. Most of them have been designed to offer you the convenience that you desire in a drone designed to be used for fun.

They are relatively inexpensive costing no more than $100, some are durable and other come in specs that enable night time flights and the use of removable batteries.

The Hubsan X4 H107C

This is a suitable pick for kids and it features specs that will make the drone pilots enjoy flying it. The Hubsan X4 H107C uniquely uses the newest 6-axis flight control system and it can be used by those who are into performing stunts with hobby drones; you will be able to flip this drone in four ways, forward, backward, right as well as left.

What is more is that it accommodates both the beginners and the advanced drone pilots as there is an advanced flight mode as well as a beginner’s flying mode.

Hubsan X4 H107C on the grass

Its size makes to be an appropriate pick for a hobby drone pilot and you will be surprised by its immense power in the motor. You will also enjoy an SD camera that is 720 by 480 for the resolution but this is not meant for professional photography. This drone has a flight time of about 7 minutes and the control range if for about 100m.

Some of the key features of the Hubsan X4 H107C are:

  • It features the latest 6 axis flight control system along with an adjustable gyro sensitivity
  • You can flip it in four ways
  • Has a flight time of about 7 minutes, charging time of 40 minutes
  • Also features a camera, 0.3MP

This drone goes for about $48 USD and considering its price in comparison to other Hubsan X4 drones it is economical. It is a suitable drone for beginners but experienced drone pilots can also make use of it since it has flight modes appropriate for this group. You will also be able to fly this drone at night or in areas that are dimly lit and it is really fun to fly it. The main drawback is the relatively short flight time but it is a suitable drone that you could consider. Also, if you want to find out more about this model, we suggest checking out our Hubsan X4 in-depth review.


The Sky Viper HD V950 Video Drone

This drone is part of the award-winning remote control Viper toy drones and it is an easy to use and durable drone. It is the most impressive in this category and you can use it to take relatively high-quality videos or images thanks to its impressive 720p HD camera. This camera is a removable one and you can take it off the drone to be able to perform one-button maneuvers or tricks.

The Viper HD V950 drone features a 6 axis digital stabilization system as well as a new more versatile uni-body design. This drone also has variable flight modes to suit your needs; beginners can switch to a mode that they can easily fly the drone while the experienced drone pilots can turn to a more advanced flight mode. You are bound to have a fun experience with this and what is more is that the video game controller enables it to be an easy-to-fly drone.

Sky Viper HD V950 in flight

With the help of the one-touch Panoramic Video Capture, you will be able to program this drone to enter into a controlled spin flight pattern that will enable you to take breathtaking 360-degree view photos from as a far as 200 feet away.

Some of the notable product features of this drone are:

  • Has a SkyPro HD camera that will enable you to record 720p HD videos or photos
  • Features a 1-touch Panoramic video capture
  • This drone has a versatile Duraflex body that enables it to withstand high impact falls
  • You can easily perform one-touch stunts with this drone

This drone costs about $90 and it is an easy to set-up drone, pretty fun and fast to fly with durable parts. You can be able to take high-quality photos and videos with this pocket-friendly drone though the flight time is only 8 minutes long. For a better insight in all the features this model comes with, we suggest that you also read our Sky Viper V950 review.


The Syma X5C

Syma X5C drone is the best-selling RC hobby drone on Amazon right now and it has an astounding 5-star rating. This drone has 720p detachable camera and it comes at cost of $65 with a 4GB micro SD. It is an affordable drone that is easy and fun to fly, quite appropriate for beginners.

The Syma X5C comes with prop guards and you can fly it indoors for those who have a big space indoors this being at slow speeds. You can alternatively fly this drone outdoors at high-speed mode and it will be able to withstand light winds and you can make this drone hover with minimal effort. The flight time for this drone is about 5 to 7 minutes and you will easily get replaceable parts as well as some extra batteries.

Syma X5C drone

This drone features a 6 axis gyro stabilization system that will enable you to switch between different flight modes to accord you a more versatile and flexible flight experience both outdoors as well as indoors. The control range distance is about 50 meters, which is pretty impressive for a small drone and it takes about 100 minutes to fully charge this drone.

Products features of the Syma X5C are:

  • It is a 6 axis 4 channel quadcopter that comes with a built-in HD camera
  • It has 360-degree eversion 6 axis Gyro stabilization system
  • This drone comes along with a bonus stock battery for a longer flight time
  • It features mode 1 and 2 options
  • You will be guaranteed of safe flight thanks to the bonus prop guards

With the Syma X5C, you will be able to enjoy good aerial photography at a cheap price. This is also a simple and easy-to-fly drone and it comes as a ready to fly package that has an HD camera. It is a good pick as an entry level RC drone and the experienced hobby drone pilot can make use of it too. Its flight time is the main disadvantage but it is generally a good beginner toy quadcopter, as are all the models that come from this manufacturer. If you like this model, we suggest that you also check out our article about the Syma’s best X5 series models.


The Sky Viper Nano Drone M200

This is arguably the best RC Viper Nano toy quadcopter! It is small in size and it comes at an impressive price, only $34 USD. Despite its small size, you will be impressed with its performance as this drone has the desired maneuverability and agility which make it be quite a suitable drone for indoor and outdoor flights.

The Sky Viper Nano M200 drone has a versatile super-tough but lightweight Duraflex frame and its 4 blades are controlled by very sophisticated sensors. You will be guaranteed of a precise and fun experience when flying the M200 Nano drone. The battery of this drone is long lasting but it is good to note that a light wind could carry this drone away. If you are an experienced pilot you will enjoy using this drone as it has an adjustable sensitivity with very precise controls.

Sky Viper Nano M200

The notable features of this drone are:

  • The micro size nature of this drone, 2.75” which can even fit in your palms, quite suitable for flying indoors as well as outdoors
  • You can easily perform one-touch stunts with just a simple tap of the stunt button
  • You can experience the 4-blade advantage with this drone; ultimate flight agility, stability as well as control. With these, you will have ultimate aerial control to enable you to focus more on having a fun flying experience
  • It has adjustable sensitivity which offers precision as well as control for an experienced drone pilot
  • Also, has a high-performance 2.4GHz Transmitter and you can go as far as 200 feet away with this drone.

The Nano M200 drone is a small-sized drone that is suitable for both beginner and experienced drone pilots. It is an affordable drone that will offer you an amazing flight experience thanks to the four blade advantage, and you can find out much more about it by reading our Sky Viper Nano in-depth review.


The Blade Glimpse

This a pretty impressive toy quadcopter and it features among the high-end drones for beginners going for about $170 USD. The Blade Glimpse will offer you FPV through the WiFi connection as well as the Glimpse app for Android as well as iOS.

You will get to record high-quality HD photos and videos thanks to the 720p resolution camera and this will be saved on a microSD card. For this drone, the video download link range goes up to 80 feet away though there is a slight lag while at this.

Blade made this drone quite small in size to make it an appropriate pick for you to navigate indoors. What is more is that you will have landing gears which double up as the prop guards of the Blade Glimpse quadcopter.

This design makes this drone not only to have the looks of an insect but also to have the feel of it with motors that are strong enough for you to fly this drone outdoors. Like all the other mini drones this drone will easily be blown by the wind when it is flown outside. Apart from this, it is generally a stable RC drone to fly.

Blade Glimpse drone in action

This drone also has a relatively good battery life even with the video feature on at an impressive 7 minutes. You can easily find and replace the batteries as well as the spare parts of this drone and these come at a pocket-friendly price. For instance, you will get your hands on a spare battery for as low as $12 USD.

This drone also has the SAFE technology that makes this drone pretty easy to fly regardless of your experience. This technology also makes this drone to be able to withstand windy conditions to guarantee you of a smooth performance. You can easily stay in control as this drone has the pitch and rolls limits feature that offer you flight envelope.

Thanks to the self-leveling feature this drone can be able to hover at some altitude to make it possible for you to take stable videos or images.

Some of the notable features of this drone are:

  • This drone is fully assembled thus you won’t need to build it
  • It has the SAFE technology which makes it quite an easy drone to learn how to fly
  • It also features the widely acclaimed reliability of the Spektrum DSMX 2.4GHz technology
  • It has an integrated HD camera, an HD 1280 by 720p video and 1MP photo capabilities

This is a suitable entry level FPV drone that you can fly indoors as well as outdoors on a calm day. It is relatively expensive compared to the other small drones, but it can be a good beginner drone for those who are interested in aerial photography.


Not sure what model to buy?

After having a look at some of the most impressive toy quadcopters it will be good to also mention and reiterate the groups of people that could make use of them. As alluded to earlier on, the price is a key factor while making your choice. Durability and the ease of flying them will also be an important factor to consider.

The Hubsan X4 H107C is a suitable pick for kids who are beginner drone pilots. It is a pretty easy-to-fly drone and you can perform several stunts thanks to the 6 axis stabilization system. It also has a camera for you to take pictures but this is not suitable for professional footages. It is an affordable drone compared to the other Hubsan drones in its range with a flight time of about 7 minutes.

Hubsan X4 H107C

On the other hand, the Sky Viper HD V950 is also an appropriate pick as an entry level hobby drone. It is considered to be the best RC toy drone from this company. You will be able to take high-quality photos or videos thanks to this drone’s HD camera and it also features the 6 axis stabilization system to enhance your flight experience.

Sky Viper HD V950

This drone has a durable body that can withstand crashes which are more common in beginner drone pilots. The experienced drone pilots can also fly this drone since it has a mode that is suitable for them. It is also relatively affordable being the second most expensive among these five RC toy quads.

The Syma X5C is a pretty impressive RC drone, especially for beginners, and this is quite evident as it is the bestselling drone in its category on Amazon. It offers two flight modes, safety, and a fun flight experience. You will also enjoy a longer flight time courtesy of the bonus battery but this is relatively lower compared to the other RC toy drones in this range. It is an affordable drone if you want to enjoy aerial photography at a pocket-friendly price.

Syma X5C

The Sky Viper Nano M200 is considered as the best Nano RC drone for fun and it is a good pick for beginners with a tight budget. It is also the most affordable among these drones with impressive specs, for instance, the durability, stability, and maneuverability that you desire.

You will be able to perform different stunts and flips with this drone. What is more is that if you are an experienced drone pilot you will enjoy the precision and the adjustable sensitivity of this drone. You will have a great flight experience with this drone thanks to its four blade advantage.

Sky Viper toy drone

Last but not least, the Blade Glimpse is a good pick for the average spending drone pilot and it is the most expensive among these RC toy drones. It is has a relatively high-quality HD camera but you cannot use this drone for professional photography.

The SAFE technology makes this drone an easy one to fly and you will also enjoy a safe flight and take good quality photos. It is also good to note that spare parts and batteries for this drone are easily available and affordable. If you are interested in aerial photography this is a good beginner RC quad for you.

Blade Glimpse drone

All of these drones have a flight time of about 7 minutes and they are easily blown by the wind. This implies that you can fly them indoor as well as outdoors on a calm day. They are an affordable lot with only the Blade Glimpse passing the $100 mark in terms of costs.


  • These drones are easy to fly and quite safe for beginners
  • The design of most of these drones makes them durable and they can withstand many crashes that are quite common for beginner drone pilots
  • You can also be able to fly most of this drones at night
  • Some like the Syma X5C and the Blade Glimpse are capable of taking HD photos and videos
  • The SAFE technology in some of them allow anyone to fly this drone with ease
  • Most of these drones are fun to fly
  • They have flight modes that accommodate both the beginners and the experienced drone pilots
  • Some like the Sky Viper V950 are quite easy to set up and others come as a ready to fly package
  • Most of them are pretty affordable with one, the Sky Viper Nano drone going for only $34 USD
  • All have a more than 50 meters control distance
  • Most of them are small in size and portable


  • All of them have flight times of less than 8 minutes
  • They are easily blown by the wind
  • Some like the Sky Viper Nano drone can easily flip

The RC toy drones covered in this article represent the best RC toys in the market. They are easy to fly and their design allows them to withstand many crashes that are quite common among the beginner drone pilots.

They are also small in size and portable and they come at pocket-friendly prices. They have an average flight time of about 7 minutes which means that you need to have extra batteries to have a longer flight experience.

These drones are also easily blown by the wind and making it only possible for you to fly them indoors and outdoors on calm days. They are generally a suitable pick for the beginner hobby drone pilots.

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