X-Drone Nano 2.0: Good Things Come in Small Packages

X-Drone Nano 2.0 review
Written by Jack Brown

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X-Drone Nano 2.0 has revolutionized the world of smaller drones in ways that are hard to explain. It has galvanized the quadcopter market with its unique and versatile features which earned it accolades from all corners of the drone world.

This product is known to be one of the lightest drones around. However, even though it’s quite small, the open body allows the pilot to make changes to improve the general flight experience.

Product specifications:

  • Controlling a quadcopter could not be easier! 
  • Equipped with 3 speed modes, low, medium and fast. 
  • You can flip 360* the X-Drone nano 2.0 by simply clicking the flip button on remote control and indicating the direction to go.
  • X-Drone Nano 2.0 uses lithium battery to deliver enough power for an enjoyable flying time and a quick recharging time.

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This is a quadcopter which is meticulously designed to be flown indoors and outdoors to offer the owners a real and full experience of flying a drone.

Build specifications

The manufacturers have not left any stones unturned and have conducted rigorous testing to perfect it for both beginners and professionals to get the ultimate aerial experience.


On the whole, the packaging for the X-Drone Nano 2.0 measures 2 x 2 x 1 inches with the item weighing about 0.5 ounces. The next question that comes to our mind is what are the components we get with the product once we unbox it?

X-Drone Nano 2.0 unboxing

Here are some ideas:

  • The nano drone
  • Transmitter
  • Quadcopter battery of 3.7V/130MAH
  • A set of four spare props
  • USB charger
  • Screwdriver, small
  • The manual
  • A wrench for the different parts and the motor

These are the components which are included in the packaging. However, the remote controller batteries do not come with this assembly and you need to collect them separately. On the whole, the entire set is packed in a compact manner with an adequate protection. There is enough clearance between the sides of the box and the quad.

This is what unboxing the drone package gives us.

Design and durability

The X-Drone Nano 2.0 is an exemplary example of fine engineering. The best part about it is its all-around presence on the insides as well as the outsides.

From the outside, it looks like a glossy and sophisticated piece of equipment which combines the virtues of style and class. On the other hand, the insides are hard and sturdy with a solid build that gives rise to a stable and responsive device.

Made with the most advanced technology, this drone proves to be a rather useful product. There are special bump guards that come with this quad. The main advantage of these bump guards is that they are lightweight and durable and do not hamper flight performance or aerodynamics. Plus, they can be removed whenever required for a faster flight.

X-Drone Nano 2.0 design

The design is such that it suits the young amateur flyers as well as the more experienced ones. You can start off initially with the bump guards on and practice in the safety of your house and later get rid of them for smoother experiences.

Talking about durability, this X-Drone Nano 2.0 stands out amongst the rest. With an efficient battery performance and maximum output, you can be rest assured to hit a few bumps and make a few clashes till you get your hands set on flying. This device will still give its best! The drone gives a stable flight performance right from the onset.


This drone does not come with a camera, nor offers the possibility to add one. The main purpose of this device is to help you get your hands set on flying aerial vehicles. Being a sturdy device, this can live through a few collisions without giving too many problems. But, if camera drones, that are in the similar price range, are what interests you, you can then check out our article about cheap drones with cameras.

Battery and flight time

The main reason why X-Drone Nano 2.0 stands out in the crowd is because of its efficient battery performance that maximizes flight time and at the same time minimizes charging time. The removable battery that is provided in the package has a rating of 3.7 V 130 mAh.

When the battery is completely drained, it takes about 30-40 minutes to get fully charged. For a drone of this size, this proves to be a big exception, giving excellent performances while consuming less power. The presence of the Lithium batteries inside the device makes it even more interesting to use and charge. This significantly reduces charging time. If you want to get more informed on batteries, we have an article about RC batteries and learning how to use them properly.

X-Drone Nano 2.0 battery

Now, we come to the other more important aspect of this drone and that is the flight time. It gives one of the best flight times for a quadcopter of this size. According to records and observations, the drone can work for about 10 minutes when fully charged till it has to be charged once again.

These 10-minute spells can prove to be really useful when a beginner is trying his or her hand in flying aerial vehicles. This also ensures that you can keep it in air for longer periods of time and do not have to worry about charging it every few minutes.

The use of the most advanced technology has ensured that the battery gives the best output with minimum charging.

Above is a sneak peek into the flight of the X-Drone Nano 2.0.


One of the reasons why this drone leads to smoother flight performances is because of its controller. It gives you a better and a more efficient way to interact with the device while it is in flight.

As a matter of fact, the drone takes a very short time to get synchronized with the controller and that is what leads to better performances from the device. This is one of the reasons why this drone seems to be the ideal choice for beginners.

X-Drone Nano 2.0 controller

The copter responds to the controls very smoothly and thus it helps the fliers take control of the drone easier. Maneuvering the copter at high speeds becomes rather simple in this manner.

The controller batteries are not provided in the packaging and they are required to be purchased separately. It requires two batteries of 1.5 VV with a controller mode MODE2.

Flight performance

X-Drone Nano 2.0 is a small drone that packs quite the punch when it comes to flight performance. It has a number of different features and characteristics to ensure that it gives you a good flight experience. First and foremost, it comes equipped with three different speed modes which make it a good fit for various types of users with different levels of experience (or as you learn).

When you are restricted to a smaller location, you will be able to stick by the lower speeds. On the other hand, when outside, the going faster will be quite enjoyable. This also leads to better and more effective control over the drone.

X-Drone Nano 2.0 flight

Talking about acrobatics, this little guy also proves to be effective here. It is capable of making quite a few acrobatic twists and turns which make the flying experience a lot more fun. The flip button on the controller allows for a 360-degree flip.

One of the more important aspects to be discussed here is the night time flying feature. Special LED lights ensure that you are able to track your device at night whenever required.

The range for the device is nothing less than excellent for a drone this size. You can easily land the drone 25 minutes away from you and it will still work wonders.

Value for money and guarantee

When we talk about value for money, there is hardly any device that can perform better than the X-Drone Nano 2.0. But this is true only when you’re looking to learn how to fly. Keep in mind that the drone doesn’t come equipped with a camera or the possibility to add one.

X-Drone Nano 2.0 on the floor

The device is durable, which makes it perfect for beginners and children. Also, the controller is easy to maneuver and the batteries provide the drone with a reasonable flight time. All these make the drone attractive for the price.

Talking off to warranty, there is a one month warranty provided by the manufacturer in case the device needs extra care or some amends. So, you can be rest assured that even if your device faces some issues, there are suitable measures for it.

Unique features

It must be said that there are quite a few unique features about X-Drone Nano 2.0 which you need to know. To start with, the bump guard is a very important part of the product. Not only is it lightweight which allows it to fit effortlessly on the quadcopter but it is also known for providing wind resistance.

What this does is it increases the lifetime of the drone substantially without messing up the aerodynamics. Moreover, if you feel like flying the quadcopter faster, all you have to do is remove them and you are on your way for a faster flight.

Another unique feature for this type of drone is the set of LED lights. They serve the dual purpose of providing light if you are flying the drone at night as well as make the whole experience a fun one.

Similar models or main competitors

Hubsan X4 Hornet

This drone is quite similar to the X-Drone Nano 2.0 in structure as they both are small yet sturdy which is why it is considered to be the main opponent. For starters, the Hubsan X4 Hornet is equipped to make 360 flips which is one of the most talked about skills for the X-Drone.

Moreover, this drone also boasts of having LEDs so that the person flying it can get a better look at what they are flying into.

Hubsan X4 Hornet

But, when it comes to flight performance, the X-Drone prevails over Hubsan X4 Hornet pretty comfortably. The X-drone scores high on the stability quotient as compared to this one which is one of the deciding factors as far as flight performance is concerned.

Moreover, the X-Drone comes with three different modes which allow you to fly it as per your wish, something which is lacking in the Hubsan X4 Hornet. It must be said, however, that for high altitude flights, the Hubsan X4 is a better choice as compared to the X-Drone Nano 2.0.

All we can say is that these drones are similar yet dissimilar and have their own advantage which is why choosing them will always depend on how you want to use them.

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Coocheer JJRC D1

Now this is a drone really worth mentioning as it is often called the smallest drone that can be found. In terms of size, it goes without saying that it will beat the X-Drone Nano 2.0 any day. One of the unique things you will find in this drone is that there is no head – this actually distinguishes it amongst other drones.

It would be wrong to say that there are no similarities between the two products! For instance, they both are stable drones and are known to keep composure during flight which give them both a clear advantage over the other ones. In addition to this, both drones have LED lights which not only allow the pilot to fly the drones better at night but also add a tinge of glamour to them.

Coocheer JJRC D1

The one thing which is going to give the X-Drone Nano 2.0 an advantage on the Coocheer JJRC D1 is the flight time. Here, Coocheer JJRC D1 only allows the pilot to fly it for a maximum of 8 minutes whereas X-Drone Nano provides for a total of at least 10 minutes.

If you don’t know which one is for you here’s a way to decide: if you want to have fun all the way then Coocheer JJRC D1 is the better option, whereas if you want a drone which is not only fun but can be used for other purposes then X-Drone Nano is the one for you.

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RealAcc Fayee FY805

This product comes in with a bit of a twist. First, this is a hexacopter whereas the X-Drone Nano is a quadcopter. The Fayee can fly indoors and outdoors with equal ease which is what makes it a worthy competitor to the X-Drone Nano 2.0.

Even though there is a difference in the number of arms, both drones are known to provide a stable flight, which is something beginners and professionals look for. Moreover, they both can flip 360 degrees which is something kids love. Lastly, both these drones have taken care of the visual issues associated with night flying by installing bright LEDs.

RealAcc Fayee FY805

In terms of differences, the X-Drone Nano has a massive advantage over this drone when it comes to flight time.

If you choose the RealAcc Fayee FY805 then you will get an overall flight time of 4-6 minutes whereas with the X-Drone Nano you get an astounding 10 minutes of flight time.

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Let’s take a look at some advantages and disadvantages of this quadcopter:


  • The remote control of the drone is perfect for adults to handle as they are not unusually small.
  • With this drone, you have the option of flying them both indoors and outdoors
  • It provides for a very stable flight which can be attributed to the intensive research which has gone into its making.
  • You will find bump guards on the drone which is there for providing resistance which in effect allows for a longer lifespan of the product
  • In the case of replacement of parts, they are easily available with the manufacturing company.
  • The LED lights are a very attractive feature and hold the attention of kids
  • The control of the quadcopter is immaculate
  • It has a very long lasting battery life


  • A few complaints by people that the drone has a shorter life than declared by the manufacturer
  • On rough landings, the plastic case may crack due to the impact.
  • It is a slightly sensitive product and might require a little time to get accustomed to for newbies

Looking at the overall features as well as the pros and cons, it goes without saying that this product is worth a try. With good battery life and a stunning flight time of 10 minutes (for its size), it is sure to catch the attention of pilots.

X-Drone Nano 2.0
  • Design
  • Features
  • Battery life
  • Ease of Use
  • Quality
  • Value For Money


X-Drone Nano may be small but it is also quite amazing! With different flying modes, LED lights for night flight and a durable body this drone allows the person flying it a lot more options in terms of speed and fun.

With its meticulous design and sturdy structure, this drone can be a perfect product in the hands of a beginner. Moreover, there is no denying the fact that they are really affordable which is one of the reasons why people are attracted to them. It must be said that even with its affordability, the manufacturers have not compromised with the quality of the product anywhere. 

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And it goes without saying that the 3 different speed levels do add to the versatility of the quadcopter, a feature which will keep the drone lovers glued.

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