Flying Camera Drone: Best Drones for Amazing Photos and Videos

Drone with 4K camera
Written by Jack Brown

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Drones are far more than just toys, due to the fact that they come with useful features that have numerous applications. One of the best and probably the most important features is the camera, simply because many users like taking aerial photos.

However, not all drones come with powerful cameras that are able to make amazing photos. If you are looking for a drone that is outstanding, when it comes to aerial photography you are going to need a flying camera drone. Drones from this category are a bit different than other products and they usually have a higher price.

Today, the majority of commercial drones do not have built-in cameras and most of them also do not support any camera. Actually, these drones only serve for flying, i.e., they are intended only for the entertainment purpose.

However, when looking for a drone which will exclusively serve you for recording the videos and taking photos from the sky, you need to buy one with a built-in camera. Today’s cameras for drones are capable of making high-quality 4K videos with a great resolution of 1080p. The only drawback of such drones is that you will not be able to use this camera apart from your drone.

Drone with 4K

In the following content, you are going to read about top 5 flying drones with cameras, the usage of these drones, who should use them, what to consider when purchasing such drones, and learn more about their pros and cons. If you are a fan of drones with cameras, there are many reasons to stay here.

Top 5 drones with high-quality cameras

DJI Inspire 1 with accessories and kit

When it comes to taking photos from the air, this drone is the best simply because it has been specially designed for this purpose. It is constantly treated as one of the best drones for this application, so it comes with appropriate features and additions. Besides the device itself, you get 9 additional items in the package, which make it a perfect machine for aerial photography. Of course, all of this comes at a price, so the price of this drone is about $3.200.

The most important component, in this case, is the camera. This drone has a high-quality 4K camera, capable of making 4K videos (24-30 FPS) or 1080p, depending on your choice. The photos are also sharp and they have a 12MP resolution, so they can be used for numerous applications. In addition, the manufacturer added simple controls for selecting video or camera mode, which made this drone very easy to use.

DJI Inspire 1 with accessories and kit

The dimensions of this device are 438x451x301 mm, and it weighs 2935 grams, due to the fact that the manufacturer used lightweight, but strong materials. In fact, most components are made from carbon fiber, the same material hypercar manufacturers use. On the other side, some parts are made of plastic and aluminum, but they are also durable and resistant to small damages.

The top speed of this drone is 50 MP/h and it can stay in the air for 19 minutes, which is impressive if you take into account the dimensions and the weight of this drone. An interesting fact is the operating temperature of the drone. You can use it in a temperature range between -10 and 40 degrees Celsius. Keep in mind that other drones cannot be used at temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius. For more information regarding this model’s features and fight characteristics, we suggest checking out our DJI Inspire 1 in-depth review.


Yuneec Q500 Typhoon

The Q500 from Yuneec is also designed for aerial filming, so it comes with great features that make it one of the best drones for this application. On the other side, it doesn’t come with a lot of different accessories, like the previous model, but the price is lower as well. At the moment of writing of this article, the price of this model was around $1000. In addition, this drone looks different than most drones made for this application, so it is more interesting.

The camera in this model has a 12 MP resolution, and it is capable of making amazing 1080p videos. A great addition is the fact that it can make steady photos, so there won’t be any blur, which is a great thing when you want HD photos or videos. This drone doesn’t support 4K resolution, which is why the price is lower. However, if you are not a professional filmmaker, this drone can satisfy your need for aerial filming and photography.

Yuneec Q500 Typhoon

Keep in mind that this is one of the devices that come with the best flying time. You can keep the drone in the air for 25 minutes, which is more than most models on this price range. The time is achieved thanks to the combination of two 5400 mAh batteries. Even better, this is a light drone (1700 grams weight) but it has a large dimension (240 x 420 x 565 mm). All of this means that it offers an impressive maneuverability, so you will have a lot of fun flying it.

This drone comes with an 8GB memory card, but it isn’t enough if you like taking a lot of aerial photos and videos. A good thing is that it supports memory cards up to 128 GB. To get much more familiar with what this model offers, we suggest checking out our Yuneec Typhoon Q500 in-depth review.


MJX X600 2.4G RC Drone Hexacopter

Keep in mind that the MJX X600 2.4G RC Drone is a hexacopter, so it is much bigger and different in shape in comparison with the aforementioned models. In addition, it can be order with or without a camera, so you should make sure to choose the correct model.

On the other side, the specifications are amazing, especially if we take into account the price of this model. The price is only $55 (for a model with a camera) and it is one of the most affordable drones of this type on the market.

MJX X600 2.4G RC Drone Hexacopter

The camera in question is the HD C4005 and it is capable of making interesting photos from the air. Due to the fact that this is a hexacopter, it has two additional rotors that offer a steadyer flight, so the photos and videos you will make will have a better quality. However, it’s a lot bigger than models from the same price range, so it cannot be used in locations where the size will be an issue.

The dimensions of this model are 57.8 x 34 x 8.6 inches, but it weighs just 2.5 pounds, due to the fact the manufacturer used lightweight materials. On the other side, these materials are strong, so this product is resistant to smaller damages and even smaller crashes won’t damage any components.

The battery that powers all six rotors is a 700mAh Li-Po and it is capable of providing 10 minutes of flying time. On the other side, it takes 1.2 hours to recharge the battery before your drone will be able to fly again.


Parrot – Hydrofoil Orak Drone

People who are looking for a drone that can be used on water and in the air can finally get the right product. Parrot Orak Hydrofoil Mini drone isn’t an ordinary, air-fly product because it is designed for use on the water and it can also fly. All of this means that you get two drones packed in one. Even better, the price isn’t high, which means that you get one of the most interesting drones on the market for a small amount of money. In addition, the price for this model, in black color is around $150.

A downside of this model is the VGA camera, capable of recording 640×480 videos and photos. However, it can make amazing photos that will look perfect on your phone or a tablet. At the same time, you can use the aforementioned devices to control this drone. This is possible via an app you must download after you have bought this drone.

Parrot - Hydrofoil Orak Drone

The dimensions of the drone are 13.4 x 12.6 x 5.5 inches and it weighs 8.6 ounces, so this isn’t a full-size drone. On the other side, these characteristics make it interesting to play with or to use it for making photos. The battery, charged for moving this drone is Lithium-Polymer 550mAh, latest generation.

It can provide up to 9 minutes of use and it will be recharged in less than 25 minutes. The most components are made from high-quality plastic, but there are some parts made from aluminum. An interesting addition is the fact this mini-drone can do stunts and acrobat ion, so it is definitely one of the possible choices.


Parrot BeBop Full HD 1080P

The first thing you should know about this drone is the fact that everything is focused on the camera. It occupies the main part of the drone and it is capable of making HD photos and videos in 1080P resolution. These recordings will look perfect, no matter on which device you play them.

Sadly, there is no 4K capability, so you cannot enjoy the latest quality. On the other side, this drone is a perfect balance between the price and the aerial capabilities. It has a 14MP camera, which is better than most drones, and the price is around $400, lower than most drones with these features. One reason why it is affordable is the fact that it has been made from plastic and aluminum, so there are no materials such as carbon fiber.

Parrot BeBop Full HD 1080P

The dimensions are 14.4 x 13.2 x 3.8 inches and the weight of the drone is 3 pounds, so it isn’t a small drone. On the other side, it can stay in the air up to 11 minutes, but you get two batteries, so the total flying time on one charge is 22 minutes.

An interesting addition is the ability to share your photos and videos with a community that has more than 150.000 members. You can also store your files and upload them on YouTube. The number of the members is constantly growing, so it is expected that this feature becomes one of the best additions this drone has to offer. The name of this feature is Parrot Cloud and it makes this drone far more interesting and a better choice.


Uses of drones with powerful cameras

As aforementioned, drones with powerful cameras are a great choice when it comes to making great photos and videos. However, if you are planning to make an HD film, you are going to need the best drone, with the best camera.

Keep in mind that no matter which drone you choose, the price will be a bit steep. On the other side, you will get the same drone that filmmakers in Hollywood use. These drones also have a great flying time and they are made from strong materials, so they can be used in different weather conditions. An interesting fact is that most of them can be used at temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius, so this also should be taken into account, before ordering your drone.

Drones arctic alaska

On the other side, if you want a simple drone that has a great camera, so you can make interesting photos and videos, all drones from this list can satisfy this need. Even better, in this case, you don’t have to pay a lot of money in order to get the best drone. There are a lot of simple drones with great cameras, so they should be taken into account.

The third fact is that these drones can be used to record your training, so you can analyze and make appropriate adjustments. In this case, there is no need for high-end drones with the best cameras. Even those in low range or a middle range can satisfy this need.

YUNEEC Q500 4K Typhoon Quadcopter with controller

Spying on your friends or family can also be done with the help of these drones. Due to the fact that they have powerful cameras, you will be able to see what is happening on the ground, from a safe distance. Although this isn’t the main application of these products, they can help you know a thing or two.

If you’re looking to increase your fan base online, these drones can help you record amazing videos that will be appreciated on the YouTube. In addition, most drones offer some type of sharing between owners, so you can use this in order to get more viewers. Making photos and posting them on the internet is also a great thing you can do with these drones. In fact, you can make a profit by selling those photos.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of people who do this for quite some time, so it isn’t the latest trend, but it can be a profitable one. Don’t forget that all photos must be copyright protected, in order to be able to sell them and make a profit. In addition, only the best and HD photos should be used in this case.

Who should use drones with 4K cameras?

In fact, everyone who needs the best quality aerial videos and/or photos should use these powerful drones. It doesn’t matter if are you an individual user or a professional institution.

If you are an individual RC pilot, there are a few things you need to meet in order to use these advanced flying drones. First of all, you must have previous experience in flying a drone and taking pictures, as it is much harder than it looks. If you don’t have any experience in RC flying, then you should buy a cheap model with no camera and master all flying controls.

When starting to use a drone, you need to fly in a safe place without too many obstacles. Otherwise, you can damaged it or hurt someone or something. Once you gain all the necessary skills in this craft, you can move on to the upgraded drones that support cameras.

Drone use with 4K camera

Actually, the drones are divided into three categories according to their features and capabilities. Thus, there are drones for beginners, intermediate and advanced drones. It is highly recommended to use the first two categories before you start flying the advanced drones with 4K cameras.

In addition to the experience, the age is another important factor. This is not a cheap toy for the little kids to play with. Most manufacturers suggest that their drones are not for kids under 15 years of age. At last, you should love drones as well as the recording from the air. The passionate pilots are the best pilots!

Pay attention to the area when you are planning to fly a drone. A lot of areas are prohibited for UAVs, especially for those that record the surroundings. For example, you must not use it near government buildings, military and police facilities, as well as above a private property (without the permission of its owner) and in public places. Unfortunately, there are many restrictions on UAVs usage, so you are going to be limited in that aspect.

Drone on filming set

As for the professional institutions, the main users of such unmanned aircraft are the governmental institutions and the forces of law and order (the police forces before all others), as well as the surveying and mapping institutions. That’s because these drones can be used in different occasions providing high-quality photos and footage. In addition to the mentioned institutions, many other professional organizations also use drones with built-in cameras for different purposes.

Buying guide – What customers must consider

This is not a flying toy for kids like some drones for beginners you can find on the market. Drones with built-in cameras are the advanced unmanned aerial vehicles, and therefore, they are worth considering in depth. There are many things you should take into account when purchasing such drones. Below, you can find a buying guide in this regard.


Of course, the camera is the first and the most important thing you need to consider when looking for these drones. The assumption is that people who are purchasing drones with built-in cameras will primary use them for the aerial recording. Otherwise, do not opt for such a drone.

Drones and 4k cameras

If you need the high-quality videos and high-resolution photos alike (of 12MP or even more), find a model with a 4K camera in its construction. With such a drone, you will be able to take high-resolution images and quality 1080p 4K videos from the air.

If you don’t insist on the best quality photos/videos, then you can buy a lower quality camera that is capable of making 720p videos or even less.


Along with the camera specifications, you also need to look at its gimbal. The quality of videos and photos largely depends on the camera gimbal and every type of gimbal has a different effect when shooting video and photos. For example, there are the cheap servo gimbals that are ideal for quadcopters. They can directly plug the servos into the flight controller.

Drone with Gimbals

However, for the better quality of photos/videos, you should look at the flying drones with brushless gimbals, since they can control the camera’s position while shooting. Even better, they are designed for different weights and can suit a variety of cameras types.  Also, you must consider the type of the gimbal motor.

Drone specifications

Normally, customers also must consider the capabilities and features of offered drones in addition to the camera. Among others, take a look at the SD card, batteries (both type and capacity) and chargers, motors and rotors, ground station, transmitter, controller, and frame. Also, you should be well informed about the flying capabilities of a certain model you’re planning to buy.

Type of drone

There are various types of drones on the market that come with built-in cameras, but the most common are quadcopters and hexacopters. Besides the drone type, you also need to consider its size and weight.

Design (appearance)

It’s not necessary to talk about the fact that your drone should look stylish and have a nice appearance. Everyone will find a model according to its taste.


The prices of such aircraft differ widely, and it mainly depends on the quality of cameras and drones, as well as on the manufacturers. Just to mention, these are not cheap devices! On the contrary, they are among the most expensive types of drones on the market.

Making money with drones

Therefore, the price is one of the most important factors for most people, and this is the first thing on customers’ attention when deciding on a model to buy. However, the offer is varied so everyone will find one that best “fits its wallet”.

Not sure what model to buy?

A decision on purchasing such a drone is a big issue because there are many things that customers must take into consideration before choosing a particular drone of that ilk. This is nothing easier than purchasing any other advanced vehicle.

4K camera on drone in action

In addition to the drone and camera features, you also need to know the general pros and cons of these UAVs, as well as the advantages and drawbacks of a certain model you want to buy.


  • Capable of making the high-resolution photos and videos from the sky in different conditions. For that reason, these drones are widely utilized in aerial photographing and videography all around the globe.
  • Can reach hard to reach places, such as a mountain pick, top of a tall building, steep terrains, and other places that are unreachable by foot. That is where drones with built-in cameras come into play!
  • They are useful in several different fields for various tasks. Being these drones are capable of shooting the HD videos, their application area is really large. In most cases, they are being used for surveying and mapping land.
  • Easy to control and record. If you are skilled in flying the simpler drones without a camera, you will also quickly learn to use such a drone for recording in just a few days.


  • The capacity of batteries is still pretty low, and thus, the flight range is not impressive. In most cases, these drones can only stay in the air from 10 to 30 minutes after every charge.
  • Such drones have a built-in camera and gimbal, so you will not have to struggle with complicated assembly while mounting them. Yes, that’s great, but you will not be able to use the camera for other occasions.
  • The price is higher compared to most other drones on sale, so you will have to pay for such a product at least $ 100. On the other hand, these products are fairly priced if we take into account their features in general.

So, you should narrow down your choice to a few models, according to the prices and properties. Search for the owners feedbacks, and opt for one which features and camera are ideal for you.

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