Build Your Own Drone Kit: Top 5 Products You Can Get Today

Build your own drone kit
Written by Jack Brown

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Nowadays, drones are extremely popular, due to the fact they come in different shapes, sizes and of course, with different prices. All of this means that there are million different models on the market ready to use and have fun with. However, if you don’t like things ready-to-use, you have the possibility to build your own drone kit.

Although you will get a similar drone as when you buy it, when you assemble your own drone, you have more freedom with small modifications. In addition, these kits offer a lot of fun and they are appropriate for both children and adults.

The best part of these kits is the fact they are affordable, fun and they are a perfect choice for individuals who like owning something unique. Keep in mind that you get all the components in the package, but still, you can make smaller modifications. On the other side, you can find additional components on the internet or even from the manufacturer.

Aftermarket components can make your drone faster, better and more interesting to play with.

Build your own drone

Drones have numerous applications, from searching for lost pets to transporting small packages. A great thing when building with drone kits is the ability to modify your drone and make it suitable for the purpose you need the drone for.

For example, if you like transporting smaller packages, you can get more powerful electric motors. This addition is useful even if you like racing with your friends. In general, build kits are a great source of fun and they offer many possibilities.

The best models on the market

DJI F450 Naza ARF Multicopter

Simply said, this drone is the best, due to the fact it offers high built-quality, great features and impressive flying capabilities. The only issue with it has to be the high price, but for this price you get the ultimate drone that is ready to fly and impress your friends. The drone is capable of amazing stunts in the air and it has powerful electric motors, so it is fast.

In the package, you get the frame, the NAZA controller, OPTO, 4 electric motors and 4 propellers. Keep in mind that 2 of the propellers are 8 inches in size while the other 2 are 10 inches so don’t panic when you see them for the first time. These components allow the drone to cruise, hover and roll. The autopilot system is one of the best you can get on the market.

DJI F450 Naza ARF Multicopter

This DJI F450 is perfect for aerial photography or for those times when you are simply looking for fun. All the components are made from high-quality materials, so this is a durable drone that can stick with you for several years.

Due to the fact that it is a kit, you will have to assemble it, obviously. A good thing is that this process is simple and it requires no more than 30 minutes. Of course, your skills are going to be in question. On the other side, you will get all the instructions, so you won’t need any additional help.

The recommended battery, needed for this drone is 3S~4S Li-Po, but it isn’t included in the package. All materials, used for making these components are very light but strong, so it can withstand smaller crashes without too much damage. Most parts are made from light plastic, but there are aluminum components as well.

Most owners claim that this is one of the best drone kits on the market as it offers impressive flying capabilities and it is easy to assemble.

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TP250 quadcopter race ARF kit

The TP250 is a mini-quad kit that, when put together, offers lots of fun times if you like to enroll in quad racing. Still, since this is an ARF model, you shouldn’t expect to be able to fly it with just the items that come in the box. There are a few things you need to purchase separately, but we’ll discuss this a bit later.

For now, let’s see what’s actually in the package:

  • 1 carbon frame kit (250 mm) which makes the quad light but resistant to mild shocks
  • 4 Brushless motors that support 2300KV and 4 ESCs
  • 8 propellers – according to users’ reviews the propellers are not that great when it comes to resistance and balance. However, high-quality propellers are quite cheap and you can find a wide range of models on the market.
  • 1 Flight Controller (CC3D) and 1 Power board
  • 1 protective case – the quad may be small but that’s exactly why you should use the case to keep it away from harm when not flying.

The quad measures about 250 mm at the wheelbase but everything else is quite sturdy. For instance, the flight controller is very reliable and the drone is quite resistant to outdoor flying.  The Emax power system makes it great for both beginner and experimented pilots as the flight control board is very easily adjustable.

TP250 quadcopter race ARF kit

To transform it into a real war machine, you will need to add a 3S Li-Po 1300 mAh battery and a radio and receiver system. If you really want to become a racing drone pilot, then you’ll need to add a camera that will let you see what the quad sees, and you can also check out our article about drone racing, to get more familiar with this matter.

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Gartt ®PLUTO-X2.5 Interstellar 250

If you are looking for a kit that can provide you one 100% unique drone, this model is perfect for you. The kit is made from high-quality materials, such as carbon. Beside it being strong, this kit is light as well. In fact, it weighs only 100 grams. This is a serious advantage when it comes to comparing this drone to the other drones from the same price range. In addition, this is one of more affordable kits on the market.

The size of the resulted drone is 210 mm x 55 mm, with the 210 mm wheelbase diameter. Combined with the low weight, this drone offers great flying capabilities.

In the package, you get 4 electric motors and 4 propellers. The electric motors are based on the latest technology, so they are energy efficient, quiet, and very durable. On the other hand, they can provide amazing flying capabilities. As for the color, the propellers are available in yellow, red, black, and white. Simply replacing them you get a completely different look for your drone.

Gartt ®PLUTO-X2.5 Interstellar 250

As we already mentioned above, the price is low. Despite this fact, you get the high-quality components with a great manual, so it is very simple to assemble this drone. Other advantages are the abilities to replace the propellers and the strong frame, so you can make additional modifications.

The battery this drone requires is 1500-2200 mAh, so a long flying time is guaranteed. Due to the fact that electric motors are based on the latest technology, so they require less energy, flying time is much longer than with drones from the same price range.

All owners are especially satisfied with the build quality (thanks to the carbon) and flying capabilities. In addition, it is one of the fastest drones you can get.

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GD-6 Frame Kit 1000mm

This isn’t a small kit; on the contrary, the result will be a medium-sized drone. The propellers are 18 inches in size and they are paired with strong electric motors. An interesting touch is the design of the propellers. They are made from carbon fiber, so they look very interesting.

Despite the fact this is a medium-sized drone, it is foldable, so it can be transported as a small package without worrying about damaging any of the fragile components

Another great addition is the camera. Actually, the kit doesn’t come with a camera, but you can add some of the most powerful cameras on the market. Due to its size and power, this drone is capable to life sophisticated cameras from the ground which will allow you to take amazing photos from the air.

Even better, adding the camera is a simple task and it requires just a few minutes. On the other side, the camera doesn’t affect the folding ability.

GD-6 Frame Kit 1000mm

A bad thing is the fact you don’t get the motors, landing gear and the electronics in the kit. You get only the frame, which is quite expensive. In fact, it is one of the most expensive drone kits on the market. Still, many users see it as being one of the best drones as well so there is a balance.

This drone requires 6S Li-Po with 8000+ mAh battery, but it isn’t included in the package. On the other side, the battery can provide several hours of flying time, so it makes this drone even better. Thanks to the use of lightweight materials and simple construction, this drone is incredibly light and offers easy maneuvers.

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Hobbypower X525

The drone is simple, but it comes with great features and it looks more expensive than it actually is. Even better, you get the motors and propellers in the package, so after a short assembling, the drone would be ready for the first flight. The assembling process is very simple due to the fact that this drone doesn’t have a lot of components.

The electric motors in question are XXD 2212 KV1000. They are quiet but very powerful, and you can also get a better insight on how they function by reading our article about quadcopter motors. What’s more, you get 4 of them, paired with 4 propellers (1045/1045R). The remote controller is nice to use and it is based on the latest technology as well. All of this means that fun is guaranteed with this drone.

Hobbypower X525

The manufacturer suggests that you should set up the drone before the first flight. However, this is a simple task that takes no more than 2 minutes and detailed instructions are included in the package. After that, you can play with it.

Thanks to its low weight (less than 3 pounds) and powerful electric motors, this drone is very fast and it has a long running time as well. Due to the fact it is a simpler product, this done is a perfect choice for beginners.

If you think that this product could be useful for you, then you can check its price on Amazon.

What a drone kit has to offer you?

According to many different opinions, drone kits are a much better choice than ordinary drones. The main reason why people buy them is the fact that they are interesting to assemble and they offer that feeling of satisfaction; the ‘’I made this’’ feeling. So, they are more personal than other products. Besides this, they offer a lot more.

Here are the most important benefits of drone kits:

  • They offer more fun than already assembled drones. On the other side, they are not complicated to assemble.
  • The level of modifications and adjustments is much higher than with pre-assembled drones.
  • You can choose the components you are going to install, so you can adjust your own drone for a specific purpose.
  • Drone kits are more affordable than ordinary drones, of course, if you compare products from the same class.
  • These kits are better for aerial photography, simply because you can get a better camera and make additional adjustments. You can add better electric motors in order to get calmer flight and longer range.

As you already know, there are a lot of pre-assembled drones on the market. This means that you can get your drone today and start flying immediately. Most people claim that they are a much better choice than drone kits.

After all, each kit must be assembled and this can be a time-consuming process especially if it is the first time. However, drone kits are funnier and they offer longer and better time than ordinary drones. Making your own drone is a perfect way to spend time with your child, due to the fact children like building things.

Drone kits

Drone kits are a great source of fun even for adults. They offer more control and far more abilities with the improvements and adjustments than ordinary drones. This makes them a much better choice if you want to customize your drone and make it unique. In addition, they are a great choice if you need a drone for some specific activity such as looking for lost pets or aerial photography.

Please keep in mind: These kits are not suitable for small children, due to the fact they have small parts that can be swallowed. Every kit is different, so you should read the online manual and safety features before you order it. If you like playing with the flying toys and gadgets, this is the right choice for you, especially if you enjoy assembling them yourself.

Features you are going to appreciate in your kit

A good thing is that you get the possibility to choose among hundreds of different drone kits. A bad thing is that all of them are different, so they come with different features, sizes, parts they require, and flying capabilities.

Quadcopter motor

In order to avoid any mistakes, you must get a kit that has several features that are mandatory. On the other side, if you want a unique drone, you should pay attention to other features that are going to be needed for your new drone.

  • Parts of the package – This is the most important part of any drone kit, simply because it dictates all the rest. Keep in mind that most kits don’t have all the necessary components; some contain only a frame and nothing more. You should get a kit that contains the highest number of components, needed for the assembly process. By doing this, you will end up with a drone that is ready to fly immediately after you have assembled it.
  • Controls – All drones are a bit difficult to fly, due to the fact there are a lot of parameters to consider. You definitely need a drone that is simple and easy to fly, unless you are a professional. Sadly, there is no way to know how the drone is going to fly before you assemble it, so the only thing you could do is to read the user reviews. By doing this, you will be able to get an idea about the complexity of controlling your possible drone.1
  • The camera – This isn’t a crucial feature for most owners, but it is definitely one you should consider. Even if you don’t like taking photos from the air, a camera on your drone is an important part. Simply said, drones with cameras are more interesting to use and they offer far more possibilities than drones without a camera. On the other side, the quality of photos and videos that camera makes is equally important. Keep in mind that you want the best quality, so 4K is the best option.
  • The flying capabilities – The most important reason why so many people like having drones is the fact most of them fly. This makes them incredibly interesting and endless source of fun.
    However, before buying your new drone kit, make sure you get an idea how that drone fly. Some drones are very slow and they cannot reach needed heights. Keep in mind that models that fly around 700 feet, above the sea level are the best choices. Models that can fly higher are even better choices. This feature is very important if you like taking photos from the air.
  • The complexity of assembling – All kits must be assembled, before a drone can fly. Although this is an interesting task for most people, some individuals have a hard time assembling their drone. Pay attention to the components, included in the package (once more) and their size. The ones with more components are usually harder to assemble, so you are going to need more time.
  • Materials – A common belief is that all drones are made from cheap plastic because they must be light. Although, cheaper drones usually are, these kits are something completely different. They are made from the latest, lightweight but strong materials. This allows them to fly for a longer period of time and to have a much better maneuverability.
    On the other side, their construction is strong but light, so they can withstand crashes, without any damages. This is a definitely something you should take into account when choosing your drone kit. The latest models have components made from carbon, so they are your best choice.
  • The design – Although a design isn’t important for the flying performances, nor for the quality of a drone, it is important to you. Drones that have more interesting and fresh design are more desirable and they are definitely a great present. This means that before getting a drone kit, you should know how the drone will look like when fully assembled. In order to get the idea, you should look at the specifications and check additional videos and photos on the internet.

One of the most important factors is the purpose of the drone you are trying to assemble. If you want a cheap toy, you are out of luck, as most drone kits aren’t that cheap. On the other side, if you want a great toy, it is a perfect choice.

Drones are fun to play with and they are safe to use. On the other side, most drones can be used for some purposes, such as making videos and photos from the sky or scanning the environment. In both cases, you must get a drone with excellent electric motors, long battery life, strong but light frame and a great camera.

Keep in mind that drones that satisfy all of these, are treated as high-end products so they are harder to get and the price is high.

If you are a busy person and don’t have enough time for assembling your drone, these kits aren’t the best choice. After all, all of them have many components so they will need a lot of time before you are able to play with them. On the other side, if you are passionate about flying and assembling drones, these products are perfect for you.

The level of possibilities, they offer for modification and improvements is impressive, so they are a much better choice than ordinary drones.

Drone workshop

Don’t try to save money by buying a drone kit. They are not as cheap as you may think, simply because they are made for more demanding owners. Buying a cheap kit means that you will get a drone that has short battery life, it has a lot of weight and materials aren’t very good. These units get damaged even in smaller crashes, so they should be avoided.

Drone frames are one of the crucial components of any drone. They are the base that holds all components together. Simply said, it is very important and a lot of attention should be focused on this part. At the same time, this is the most expensive part, so it can be bought separately if you want to build a unique and powerful drone. Keep in mind that a frame must be light but strong, in order to provide perfect flying capabilities. If you are planning to build the best drone, the most expensive frame is usually the best choice.

Not sure what model to buy?

Drone kits are an excellent source of fun and they are interesting for a longer period of time, simply because they offer more possibilities than pre-assembled drones.

In order to get the best drone money can buy, we made you a list of pros and cons, drone kits may have. By finding the best relation between the price, pros and cons, you will end up with the best drone kit.


  • Most drone kits come with all components that are needed to it to fly.
  • All kits are interesting to assembly and they can be fully customized, according to clients’ needs.
  • Products made from lightweight but strong materials are a much better choice. This is related to more expensive products.
  • The HD camera is important to 84% of the owners.
  • Lighter units usually have longer flying time and offer better maneuverability.


  • Assembling can be complicated, especially if you have no experience in this craft.
  • Cheaper models need a lot of additional components.
  • The battery is a common issue, especially with the cheaper drone kits.
  • The best frames for drones are very expensive.

If you take into consideration all pros, cons, and features a drone kit has, you will get the best product on the market. The main goal is to get a drone that offers impressive flying capabilities and doesn’t have all of the aforementioned cons.

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