Mini Quadcopter: Top Products That Rule The Airspace

Mini Quadcopter
Written by Jack Brown

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Times are changing and things are improving. The technological improvement today is going to a completely different level than it was two decades ago. However, since our main focus is represented by drones, we’ll stay in this highly innovative area.

Today, we are going to discuss a specific type of drones, the mini quadcopter; and we are going to supply you with a list of the best sold mini quadcopters out there in the market. So, why mini quads? Aren’t there ones big enough to carry people? Well, size matters a lot, according to professionals.

Mini Quadcopter

The smaller they are the easier is for them to go through areas that are difficult to reach or climb; they can fly through small gaps and even through the trees but mostly, they are designed to fly indoor which can be more dangerous than outside. However, the charm of the mini quads is clearly in their size which makes them great gifts and amazing training buddies.

Mini Quad Buying Guide: Features To Consider

Buying a mini quad is not the same thing with buying a toy. You have to consider your needs (or the user’s needs if you buy it as a gift), where you want to fly it and for how long. Below we listed some of the most important features, so take a look and let us know what you think.


Most of the mini drones have a relatively short flight time ranging between 2 and 20 minutes which is accompanied with a lengthy charging duration of about 40-60 minutes.

Mini Quadcopter Battery

Since mini drones are always fun to control, it is better if you purchase one that has a shorter charging period and a longer battery time.

Additional Cost

When purchasing mini drones, the buying cost is a key aspect to be considered. Then again, some drones may require a few more additional maintenance costs. For instance, the Cheerson CX-10 requires additional propeller blades as the original ones are somewhat fragile. All the rest may require you to buy additional batteries for the drones and the controllers as well as the cost of their repairs.

Camera or no camera

You may be more attracted to models that support a camera, but you should know that also means short flight time.

Mini Quadcopter Camera

The camera makes the drone heavier and the battery will drain faster. Even more, mini drones don’t support high-quality cameras.

Controlling range

Even though all controllers are very similar, the range varies between 20 and 60 meters. After all, if the distance would be bigger, you couldn’t see the drone given the dimensions.

Ease of controlling

Most (if not all) mini-UAVs are controlled by analog controlling pads. Even so, some of the controllers are easier to learn than others. Thus, it is important to preview the controllers too before buying a drone.

Accompanying components

These are usually delivered with the drone. E.g. additional batteries, drone guides, goggles, warranty and such like additional.

Mini Quadcopter

Keep in mind: If you are buying your drone from an online source, it will be important to consider the buyer reviews of both the drone and the seller. A low rated drone is likely to be of a low quality. A low rated seller will offer poor selling services and terms. Through crisscrossing the buyer reviews, you will also get to know the likely drawbacks that are attached to the drones.

Another great important aspect to consider is the landing gear and protection. Don’t land any of the drones mentioned above in wet areas or tall grass with dew. Since the mini drones have a smaller landing gear, tall grass or wet areas may produce electrical malfunction.

Top Smallest Quadcopters on the Market

Below, you can find reviews for the best mini quadcopters in the market. So, if you are currently looking for a mini drone, you might actually find it here. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Hubsan X4 H107L

Weight: 28 gHusban X4

Size: 3 x 3 x 1 inches

Camera: not included

Battery: Lithium ion

Flight time: 9 minutes

Controller type: 2.4GHz remote controller with LCD screen

Special features: Anti-flip mode, quite fast, 6-axis flight control system

Best use: Beginners

The Hubsan X4 H107L comes with an interesting design. The frame and arms are completely blue and the canopy is covered in stylized white flames which give a bit of a warrior aspect. However, you shouldn’t be fooled by the bad ass design: the quad is for indoors flying only.

The provided battery charges in about 40 minutes so it may be a good idea to purchase some spare ones. Also, the transmitter is quite stylish and has an LCD screen on it. As we are talking about transmitters is good to mention that you can send the quad to a distance of up to 30 meters.

Another interesting fact is the Anti-flip mode, which disables the drone’s ability to flip on the sides and works only when you fly in the “Expert Mode”.

The last thing you need to know about the Hubsan X4 is its performance. This thing flies and it does it fast! It’s also very durable, responsive, and maneuverable. So if you are looking for a quick, durable quadcopter at a very good price, then you should definitely consider it. It is suitable for all ages and levels of experience.

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Holy Stone HS170 Predator

Weight: 14.4 ouncesHoly Stone HS170

Size: 3.5 x 1.6 x 3.5 inches

Camera: Not included

Battery: Lithium ion

Flight time: Between 6 and 8 minutes

Controller type: 2.4GHz remote controller with anti-interference technology

Special features: Headless Flight System, 6 axis gyro stabilization system

Best use: Amateur flying and beginners

The Holy Stone HS170 Predator may be small, but it’s by no means a toy! It is amazing for pilots who are just starting to taste the thrill of drone flying, but it can also be a fantastic gift for an enthusiast. While it may not have a camera (too small) the drone can be used both indoors and outdoors. The propeller guards are quite amazing at helping you keep the drone intact even when it hits a wall.

One feature that will definitely impress you is the design; the HS170 Predator implements a colorful and sleek design that makes you think about a spaceship, cruising the unknown. You’ll also love flying it since it has a great performance in the air and it is wind-resistant. Also, the control range is about 30 to 50m which is absolutely normal considering the dimensions.

The drone takes about 60 to 80 minutes to charge so you should consider buying spare batteries if you want to enjoy more flying time.

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Generic Syma X11

Weight: 15.8 ouncesGeneric Syma X11

Size: 27.8 mm x 19.1 mm x 8.1 mm.

Camera: N/A

Battery: 3.7V 200 mAh Rechargeable Li-Po

Flight time: 6 to 8 minutes.

Controller type: 2.4 GHz with a range of 50 to 60 meters

Best use: Beginners & professionals

The Generic Syma X11 features a hornet bio-mimetic design, along with a 6 axis system that controls the flying. It is lightweight, stable, and supports 4-ways flip which makes it great for children or pilots who love some aerial acrobatics.

The quadcopter comes in three colors: white, red and black and the body is surrounded by propeller guards that protect the frame from crashes. Also included in the package is a spare propeller in case of damage of the original. There is a USB charger included, to charge it from a laptop.

Designed for users 14 and older, this drone has a 3D tumbling action, as well as a hovering option on the remote control, and a 2.4G transmitter. It can fly indoors or outdoors up to 50 to 60 meters out. It is also one of the most durable mini quads out there and can get quite a decent amount of speed (in good weather).

The control looks like an Xbox one so, if you are a gamer, you shouldn’t have a tough time to get used to the controls. It is also easy to grip and fits even in small hands, which recommends this drone for children.

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Cheerson CX-10C

Weight: 15 gCherson CX-10C

Size: 6 x 5.9 x 3.2 inches

Camera: 0.3 megapixel

Battery: 120mAh

Flight time: 5 minutes

Controller type: 2.4 GHz

Best use: Beginners & professionals

The Cheerson CX-10C is a fun little quadcopter that can easily fit in the palm of your hand. The device comes with a small controller that is actually quite comfortable to hold and a USB cable that can be used for charging. The awesome part is that it takes around 15 min to charge the battery.

Considering the small size of this thing, it is surprisingly powerful. Comparing it with other quadcopters, this one has a flight life of only 5 minutes, but it has more stability when it`s in the air. The connection with the stick is amazing, so if you are flying for the first time, remember to fly low and slow. However, you shouldn’t be afraid of crashing since it is quite durable and the spare parts come cheap.

The quad has three flight modules for beginners, intermediate, and advanced flyers (use advanced if you need more speed). This model is also amazing for outdoor flying when there is just a little wind. To enable the flip of the device you need to put the stick into the second module.

This mini quadcopter is an amazing for everybody starting with 10 years old and going up to 90 years old. It can be a great idea to give it as a gift to a friend or a loved one since it is very affordable.

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Syma X52C Nano

Weight: 0.07 poundsSyma X52C Nano

Size: 3.7 x 3.7 x 1.9 inches

Camera: 2MP 720p HD

Battery: 3.7V 220 mAh Rechargeable Li-Po with auto cut off for safety.

Flight time: About 5 minutes

Controller type: PDB flight controller with 2.4 GHz and 4 channels

Special features: Headless flight, 6 axis gyro and wind-resistance, flight stability

Best use: Racing & beginners

The Syma X52C Nano is definitely an elegant mini-drone! Featuring a slim body, and guard propellers, this cute and small drone can be your launching ramp towards drone racing. Since it is lightweight and very stable in flight, this quad can reach interesting speeds. Of course, it is most recommended to fly it indoors, but in good weather you can try your shot outside. Also the included LED lights are great for keeping track and even flying during nighttime.

This particular quadcopter is great for those beginning to learn how to use drones. Also, with the built-in camera, you can take really nice photos in the air. The controller is very useful in learning how to fly since it offers an amazing experience and it supports a range of up to 50m.

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Quadpro Nc5 Nano Quad

Weight: 13.2 grams or 0.029 poundsQuadpro Nc5 Nano Quadcopter

Size: 2.7 x 2.7 x 0.8 inches

Camera: NA

Battery: 3.7V 100mAh Lithium-ion

Flight time: 5 to 7 minutes

Controller type: 2.4 GHz remote with 4 channels

Special features: 4 pieces of replacement propellers in case of damage, Head Flight Mode, a sensitivity button for greater speed.

Best use: Beginners and as a gift

The Quadpro Nc5 Nano Quad can be used indoors and outdoors and can it will tell you when the battery is low using a blue LED indicator situated on the body. The drone is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand (propellers included) so you can see why a camera is not included.

However, it is great for someone trying to learn how to fly. It is also an amazing gift for children or a drone passionate.

The design is quite simple and the body is protected by propeller guards in case of a crash. You should also know that the battery is built in so you won’t be able to swap it with a charged one (charging time is about 20 minutes).

The flight controls are easy to reach and the quad responds very well to commands.

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Blade Nano QX

Weight: 0.6 ouncesHorizon Blade Fpv Nano Qx Rtf

Size: 14.1 x 8.4 x 4.5 inches

Camera: N/A

Battery: 150mAh Lithium ion

Flight time: 7 minutes

Controller type: A 2 stick remote with tilt on one side and a rotating button on the other.

Special features: SAFE technology, blade guards, takes off quickly.

Best use: Beginners & experienced users

The Blade Nano QX is quite small, but the brushless motors and SAFE technology allow it to promote a smooth flying performance. Thus, you can actually fly this mini-drone in an office while people are focused on working or you can spy on your cat in any room of the house.

This is because the drone is quite silent, and the propeller guards ensure its safety in case of wall contact.

The drone can be tested outside as well, but you must be careful as it is very sensitive to the wind. Even the smallest breeze could blow it away and you’ll lose control. Speaking of control, the controller is quite similar to an Xbox one and features well-placed controls so you’ll be able to focus on the flying experience.

The drone reacts well to command and it supports a range of about 40 feet. The battery charging time is about 25 to 30 minutes so, it is recommended to purchase a spare battery.

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Why should i buy a mini quadcopter?

They may be small, but they pack a wide range of features! So, if you’re not quite sure why to add a mini quad to your toys collection, check out the reasons we found below.

Photography & video shooting

No, they don’t come with the best camera and many of these mini devices don’t even support one, but when they do, you can get a taste of how it is to fly a quad with a camera.


The mini quads aren’t just small and awesome, they are also fun to chase around. It is estimated that about eight in every ten buyers purchase these flying toys for fun.

Mini Quadcopters

Since the mini drones are pretty cheap to acquire, you can opt to buy them as a present for your kid’s birthday.

Scientific Research

In all the drone manufacturing industries, the mini drones are still used as prototypes for developing advanced drones with incredibly amazing features.


Minis UAVs are increasingly storming various markets. But learning to fly mini drones isn’t always an easy task. This is because most mini drones are driven by the traditional controlling pad that has manual buttons and gears to vary drone movements.

Mini Quadcopter Testing

Thus, learning to fly these bots requires some trial and error; writing and rubbing before being an expert. Since such experimentation for bigger and advanced drones is quite expensive; these mini-drones will surely be a better and cheaper way to learn.

Not sure what model to buy?

These drones are indeed incredibly small yet, they are capable of performing just like the bigger versions. In addition, our world is advancing towards reduced sizes with more capabilities. Thus, it may be a matter of time before the mini drones rule the airspace.

Now, before you decide on a specific model, let’s take a look at some of the Pros & Cons of mini drones.


  • They are small in size and are thus portable. You can travel with them easily.
  • They are cheaper. The above drones all cost less than $100 thus very affordable to acquire.
  • They have easy charging systems. Most of them are easily charged via USB much like smartphones.
  • They have awesome designs. Besides being reduced in size, the mini drones also have beautiful designs and can thus be presented as gifts.
  • They get the job done! With increased flying performance and responsive controls, these drones master flying indoors where there are more obstacles. Also, they are great for creating videos and taking pictures (when the camera is present) for various presentations and amateur work.

  • The flight time is very limited. These mini drones only allow you between 3 and 15 minutes of fun when fully charged.
  • They are fragile. Mini drone’s durability is actually very limited as most of them are made of plastic.
  • Have a poor camera quality. This is perhaps the main hindrance that makes them poor for professional video shoots. Thus, they are only good for fun.

Even though mini quadcopters are small in size and may lack the desired camera quality in most cases, they are surely something to yearn for. You can use them for fun and training and let’s face it: they are cute!

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