XK Detect X380: A Powerful, Reliable Drone

XK Detect X380 review
Written by Jack Brown

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The XK Detect X380 is a mid-sized quadcopter that offers a strong body and a battery that lasts for an extended period of time. This quadcopter is very easy to use and even allows you to set up your own camera so you can record anything from high up in the air.

Note: The XK Detect X380 is an RTF or Ready-to-Fly quadcopter. Therefore, you only need to charge up the battery before you can start using it. Also, this quadcopter does not come with any cameras so you will need to supply your own lightweight HD camera to be fixed to the bottom of the unit.

This small quadcopter has a study body that features an ABS frame. It also has a powerful receiver that will take in signals with ease without worrying about interference getting in the way. Its battery will run for an extended amount of time with the potential for it to go for about thirty minutes before it has to be recharged.

Product specifications:

  • Radar positioning and return home.
  • Two low-voltage protection, landing safely.
  • Specialized transmitter, much safer and reliable.
  • Delicate appearance, a brand new experience.
  • It can be circle hovering during setting radius.

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This drone is designed for those who want a larger model that is easy to fly out in public but not too heavy or large or otherwise hard to pilot. This is also perfect for those who want to find a drone that will last for a while before it has to be charged up.

Build specifications


The following materials are included in the packaging for the XK Detect X380:

  • The XK Detect X380 quadcopter
  • A mode 2 transmitter operating at 2.4GHz
  • A battery charger with an EU adapter
  • A USB cable that may also be used as a charger
  • 11.1V 5400mAh Li-Po battery
  • A camera mount that attaches to the bottom of the quadcopter
  • Two pairs of propellers
  • A small wrench

The items that are required to get this quadcopter in the air are already included in the package.  The small wrench is included to help you with removing and fastening the blades if necessary.

XK Detect X380 unboxing

The battery must be charged up so the quadcopter will work properly. You can use the battery charger or a USB cable to charge it up before you get it up in the air.

Design & durability

The XK Detect X380 is about a foot in length. It is specifically 12.01 inches or 30.5cm in length and width. It is also 21cm or 8.27 inches in height. In terms of its mass, this is 0.95kg or 2.094 pounds in weight. This is light enough so you will not have to register it with the FAA. However, it is still large enough, to where you will need to put in, a little more effort to ensure you control it properly.

The drone is made with an ABS plastic body which has a very high melting point. This means that you won’t have to worry about the body warping or wearing out because of any heat that may be generated by the battery.

XK Detect X380 design

Also, the design of the quadcopter keeps the four rotors far apart from one another. These rotors are of the same weight and are also of the same distance from each other. This ensures that the flight pattern will be balanced and even. The quadcopter comes with a black and white body with a few red accents that are included to help distinguish where the individual propellers are to go.

The design also has a series of legs that are even in length. These come with flat stoppers on the bottom to help keep the drone on the ground before it takes off. These legs are used primarily for takeoff and landing use.


The XK Detect X380 does not come with its own camera so you will have to add your own. Fortunately, this is compatible with a number of small HD cameras like the GoPro series, and speaking of that action camera series, you can also read our article about the best GoPro drones on the market.

A camera holder is included at the bottom part of the quadcopter. This allows you to mount a camera onto the unit.

XK Detect X380 with mounted camera

The transmitter will not control the camera’s features while in the air. You will have to get the camera to start up before the drone takes off. You must also adjust the zoom feature on the camera before you get it to take off. Fortunately, the movement of the quadcopter should keep the camera in its place and less likely to shift or move around while in the air.

Battery and flight time

The XK Detect X380 uses an 11.1V 5400mAh 20C Li-Po battery. This lithium-ion polymer battery is light in weight and will generate enough power to the quadcopter so it will properly stay in the air.

The quadcopter works with a flight time of about 25 to 30 minutes when there is no camera added onto it. The flight time may be reduced to around 20 minutes when a camera is mounted onto its body. This is due to the added drag that is created and the additional effort required on the drone’s part to move forward.

XK Detect X380 battery

The battery can be removed from the quadcopter if needed. The plugs used to link to the main body are easy to connect and will lock the battery into place. Therefore, you could buy a second battery and add that in to get the quadcopter running again provided that the battery is fully charged up. Also, you could use a stronger battery to extend the drone’s flight time, and to make sure that you pick the right one, we suggest reading our article about drone batteries to get a better insight on battery models and specifications.

It does not take much time to get the battery fully charged up. The battery can take in a full charge in about two hours.


The controller used by the XK Detect X380 is a mode 2 transmitter. This means that the throttle is on the left part of the transmitter. The transmitter runs on a 2.4GHz frequency. It links directly to an antenna that is tuned to specifically connect a strong link to the quadcopter.

The transmitter offers a throttle and direction control on the left and an elevator and aileron control on the right. A series of trims are found on the sides of the controls. A return home button is on the top right of the controller. This will bring the quadcopter back closer to the transmitter.

XK Detect X380 with controller and transmitter

A takeoff and landing button is on the bottom part of the controller as well. This allows the quadcopter to get its balance as it lands on a flat surface. It also assists in keeping the quadcopter from taking off in an uneven manner.

The controller will need plenty of batteries, though. It requires six 1.5V AA batteries for it to work. These batteries can be easily installed into the back of the controller.

Flight performance

The flight performance of the XK Detect X380 is important for all prospective buyers to take a look at.

XK Detect X380 flight

This particular quadcopter runs with a number of key points in mind when it comes to its performance:

  • This is a very stable quadcopter thanks to how its rotors are evenly balanced.
  • A GPS device is used inside the quadcopter so it can easily identify where it starts up. This allows it to move back to its starting point when you use the proper button on the transmitter to bring it back.
  • This can fly about 1,000 meters or about 3,280 feet away from the transmitter.
  • The legs on the quadcopter allow you to place it on a flat surface so you can get it to take off. These legs can also quickly get your drone to land onto a flat surface.

This quadcopter can work quite well and should be easy to pilot in a variety of spaces. You will certainly enjoy using this with a camera that you can add onto its body.

Value for money and guarantee

The XK Detect X380 quadcopter is available for close to $300 in most places. XK originally priced this at around $560 but it can be easily found for close to half of that price depending on where you go.

XK has not listed any information regarding any guarantees or warranties so you will need to check with the seller.

XK Detect X380 under construction

Of course, it will cost extra for you to get an HD camera to be attached at the bottom of the quadcopter. Fortunately, a GoPro HD camera can be found for a little more than $100 in its lowest forms. The mounting items are also included on the quadcopter’s body so you can always use the base to link up such a camera to it. Again, you will not be able to control the camera’s functions while it is up in the air.

Unique features

The many special features of the XK Detect X380 that make this an outstanding model certainly should be considered:

  • The brushless motor operates effortlessly and does not generate a great amount of friction.
  • The transmitter is very responsive and works well from a long distance.
  • The charging functions are easy to use. You can work with either the wall charger or a USB charger to get this powered up well enough.
  • The housing features used to keep a camera intact are sturdy enough to keep the camera from being too hard to use.

Similar models or main competitors

The competition out there is strong as there are plenty of quadcopters looking to be like the XK Detect X380.

Padshow XK X380-A

This quadcopter is made with a similar body but it includes a single axis gimbal that can be adjusted right on the transmitter. This allows you to adjust the included 1080p camera while in the air.

This quadcopter has a slightly stronger 5600mAh battery that operates with about thirty minutes of flight time. This runs for that much time even when the camera is in operation.

Padshow XK X380-A

The controller also offers a simple camera control feature. This includes a knob that adjusts the focus and other key features all around the camera. This makes it easier for the camera to stay functional.

This also uses an out of control protection system. It controls the amount of energy that moves between the individual rotors when it is windy out. This keeps the quadcopter from being too hard to pilot in difficult weather conditions.

This quadcopter is available for about $600. This added cost is due to the included camera.

If you like this product you can find and check its price on Amazon.

Eachine Racer 250 FPV

The next quadcopter drone to see is the Eachine Racer 250 FPV. This RTF model is made with a lighter and strong carbon fiber body and operates with six channels from 2.4 to 2.48 GHz. This flies for about ten to fifteen minutes on a full charge.

The most noteworthy feature of this model is that it has a camera that links up to a full color display screen that attaches to the transmitter. You can use the transmitter’s controls to adjust the camera in the air by changing its focus, its zoom position and how it records videos or takes pictures.

Eachine Racer 250 FPV

This also has a few LED lights to make it easier to see in the dark. It can fly about a full kilometer from the transmitter although it can be programmed to return to the transmitter through a command, or if it starts to fall out of range. You can get much more familiar with this model by reading our Each line Racer 250 review.our Eachine Racer 250 review.

This also comes with plenty of attachments including a spare battery, a strong wall charger, and a USB charger. The drone is available for around $600 but it can be found for close to half that total in some places. This price is good for all the items that are included here.

If you think that this product could be useful for you, then you can buy it from Amazon.

Traxxas 7908

The third choice to see is the Traxxas 7908. This red and black model is instantly distinguished by its curved arms and its dual-mode GPS system that identifies where it is located with ease.

The main difference from the XK drone is that it uses three separate flight modes. It offers modes for filming, flying it for sport or for when you’re looking to complete more aerobatic maneuvers. These modes can be adjusted through the transmitter and will directly impact the sensitivity of the transmitter to keep it running responsibly.

A camera can be added to the bottom part of the drone. This works with a variety of HD cameras in mind. However, the transmitter will not control the camera’s ability to adjust how it takes shots as the camera mount is also fixed.

Traxxas 7908

The drone works with the Traxxas Flight Link app that can be downloaded to your mobile device. The app reviews the diagnostics of the drone in real time through a Wi-Fi connection.

The drone weighs about 30 ounces with the battery and is 3.7 inches high or 8.6 inches when the landing gear is added. The blade circle, which measures the circular distance between all four rotors, is about 22.83 inches or 58cm in length.

This quadcopter can be found for $400, but just like with the XK, you would have to buy a camera separately.

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The XK Detect X380 is fully ready for you to use as you purchase it. You just have to get the battery charged up to make it ready to work.


  • This has a strong body that will not break apart easily.
  • This can support a number of different HD cameras.
  • The control mechanism is easy to use.
  • The landing gear makes it very easy to where you can quickly land the drone or have it take off in a gentle manner.
  • You can charge this up with a wall charger or a USB port depending on your preference.


  • This does not come with its own camera.
  • While you can easily fit your own camera onto the quadcopter, you cannot adjust it through the transmitter that comes with the model.
  • It does not have lights so it won’t be easy to spot from a distance.
  • You will have to be cautious when flying it as there are no guards on the sides of the blades or rotors.

You can always consider the XK Detect X380 for when you are looking for a quality drone that is effective and useful.

XK Detect X380
  • Design
  • Features
  • Battery life
  • Ease of Use
  • Quality
  • Value For Money


The excitement that comes with using the XK Detect X380 certainly deserves to be explored. This is an impressive drone that can be suitable for a variety of fun things to do with a drone. You can always use this in a variety of outdoor settings and can even add a camera onto it if you wish.

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This drone is a popular choice for its strong body and the fact that is easy to pilot. You can always use it with a camera to take high-quality pictures and videos

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