Walkera QR X800: The Drone That Can Run for An Hour!

Walkera QR X800 review
Written by Jack Brown

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If you are a drone enthusiast, you must have come across the name of Walkera. This Chinese manufacturer is known for its wide range of remote controlled devices, targeting children, who want to fly toy drones to professional photographers who want to have unforgettable flight experiences.

In this regard, the Walkera QR X800 is one of the high-end drones available in the market now. This device beautifully incorporates the ideas of stable aerial flights and aerial photography to bring you a tremendously attractive drone.

If you want to get the best quality aerial footage, you can keep your trust in the Walkera X800, especially with its 40+ minutes of flight times. The smooth aerodynamic design will help you attach any DSLR or action camera and sit tight while the quadcopter makes its way through the air.

Product specifications:

  • FCS800 Multi Axis Control Platform
  • Core-Integrated Circuit System
  • Carbon Fiber Structure Design
  • Retractable Landing Skids
  • High Performance Brushless Motors

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The manufacturer intended to make it a very portable device and this is why this product is called a ‘folding quadcopter’. This can be attributed to the fact that it comes equipped with retractable propellers and landing gear.

Overall, this is a very efficient device, giving you a number of advanced features.

Build specifications


The first thing you’ll see when purchasing this drone, is the packaging and the accessories. To ease the thrill, let us describe it a bit. Thus, you will find one main control board which is indeed the primary component of the drone itself and lays the foundation for the construction of the products.

Moreover, you will find 4 brushless motors, which is something you will need for the smooth functioning of the quadcopter.

Walkera QR X800 drone out of the box

Overall, these are the parts that you will get in the box:

  • Walkera QR X800 Quadcopter
  • Compass module
  • GPS module
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Brushless ESC – 4
  • Devo F7 Transmitter
  • Brushless Gimbal G-2D
  • 8G Antenna
  • RX702 Receiver
  • Brushless Motor – 4
  • Main Control Board
  • Instruction Manual

Design and durability

Since most drones are used for aerial imagery and other such purposes, it is quite important for them to be durable so as to handle environmental and climatic conditions. In this department, the Walkera QR X800 scores pretty high.

Firstly, this effective and power-packed quadcopter comes with 4 carbon fiber propellers which are not only essential for the flight but are also pretty sturdy which enhances the durability of the wings and the quadcopter as a whole. Moreover, these contribute to the lightweight structure of the device.

Walkera QR X800 design

Besides, if you look at the construction of the drone, you will see that its aerodynamic design plays a very important role keeping its sturdy and durable nature which is something you need in any good quadcopter. Another feature which adds to the overall durability is represented by the included retractable landing gear. This becomes extremely important when you are trying to land the device.

The folding design facilitates portability. In addition, the design allows the drone to lift heavy weights quite easily. Lastly, the device is durable enough to sustain a few clashes and still be flying well and giving you stable flights.


Unfortunately, this drone is not equipped with an inbuilt camera. Also, there is no camera mount accessory either. But it doesn’t mean that you will not be able to mount a camera on it. The packaging comes with a Brushless Gimbal G-2D that will keep any camera stable. This particular feature allows you to take stable pictures with the camera of your choice.

The gimbal is equipped with anti-vibrational properties, which means the quality of the pictures and videos will not get compromised even during rough flights.

Walkera QR X800 camera

Although the product has no inbuilt cameras, the drone is known to work pretty well with external cameras, which is something you can easily attach to the body. In this regard, both G-2D and G-3D gimbals are compatible, and this increases your choices as far as cameras are concerned.

This gimbal is known to supports 2 axes of rotation which enables the external camera to keep focus even if the drone is rotating. The most popular compatible cameras are GoPro Hero 3, iLook and Sony HDR-AS30V.

Battery and flight time

There is no doubt that this drone’s battery is one of the most important features. The best way to judge the battery has to be by checking out its capacity and when it comes to the Walkera QR X800, there is an included 10,000 mAH Li-Po battery.

The effective battery capacity is what makes it so appealing to drone enthusiast and helps the quadcopter get longer flight times. But, with this advantage, comes the issue of battery weight. The high capacity battery actually leads to heavier components that increase the overall takeoff weight of the drone in question. To better understand how drone batteries work and how to choose the right one, we suggest checking out our article about drone batteries.

Now, let’s come to the next most important aspect for a drone. The maximum flight time for the Walkera X800 can go up to 60 minutes which is, at least, 40-50 minutes above most drones. Moreover, it has an average flight time close to 40 minutes which is not bad itself, increasing gradually based on the wind conditions. Now to enjoy the flight for longer periods of time, you will need to make sure that you put zero to negligible payload as larger or heavier payload can compromise the overall flight time significantly.


The controller is that component which helps users communicate with the drone. The controller here is more than capable to help you command the drone even at distances of 2000 meters which is not something you get in too many quadcopters. On an average, you can get a maximum flight range of 1.5 km to 2 km, which is pretty impressive for a remote controlled drone. This ensures that your flight performance is significantly enhanced.

Walkera QR X800 Controller

Moreover, the controller works on a frequency of 2.4 GHz. Also, it will help you maneuver on board camera and take pictures and videos of the highest quality. You can individually control the controller without hampering or interrupting the flight of the drone.

Here, the transmitter enables you to access all the videos as captured by the camera attached to the drone within the range of 500 meters to 1 km. You can enjoy a First Person View of whatever your drone sees from that particular height.

Flight performance

One thing which is a definite advantage for Walkera QR X800 is the flight performance and experience it provides. This is why people seldom hesitate to buy it, even with the relatively high price tag on it. First of all, the most discussed aspect when it comes to this drone regarding flight performance, has to be the stability.

Here, the makers haven’t left any stones unturned to make sure that when your quadcopter is in flight, you don’t face any problems in maneuvering it and have a stable flight. This is something which not only makes for a good flight but it also enhances the flight experience and a lot of this can be attributed to the effortless working of the brushless motors.

Walkera QR X800 drone flight

Moreover, the drone is well known for long distance travel. Given that it can be in the air for as long as 40 to 60 minutes it is pretty natural for it to travel considerably long distances. This quadcopter is known to fly at distances of 1.5 to 2 km from the point of origin. This statistics tells you that this aircraft can travel long distances which is a definite advantage.

Value for money and guarantee

This drone is undoubtedly one of the most expensive ones in the market. But it will prove its worth with every inch of its great body and amazing specifications. However, it will only be worth it if you are interested in strictly professional aerial photography.

For someone who is looking for a casual flying experience you could do better with lower priced drones. With the stability offered by this quadcopter and the efficiently designed body, it is but natural to believe that it gives you good value for your money.

Walkera QR X800 value for money

Talking about the warranty, this drone is completely protected by the company. It is eligible for a free warranty service if it suffers from damage that is not caused by human interference. You must ensure that there are no unauthorized disassemble or modifications.

However, the user must have a proof of purchase stating the date and also with the labels and serial number tags left untouched. For any issues with the functioning of the drone, you could contact the company for further help and to get your device replaced or repaired, whatever the condition dictates.

Unique features

The Walkera X800 is itself a unique drone. It comes packed with features that you wouldn’t find in devices that are similarly priced. With its aerodynamic design, it can lead to very stable flight characteristics. However, let us first look into some of the most interesting features that set the drone apart.

  • Flight times. The drone can give you a minimum flight time of about 30-40 minutes. This can go up as high as an hour depending on the wind situation and the way the drone is controlled. As a user, you will be exposed to long enough flight times for a more enriched photographic experience.
  • Retractable landing gear design. The landing gear coming with this drone is pretty large. It is bound to take up a lot of space. In this regard, this device offers a certain advantage. The retractable landing gear will help you save space and keep the drone stacked in small spaces.
  • Umbrella design. The landing gear is not all that you can fold in the drone. The four carbon fiber propellers can be folded to contract downwards. This makes it easier to carry it around, especially for those long outdoor flights.

Similar models or main competitors

DJI Inspire 1

The first product similar to the Walkera X800 comes from the prestigious house of DJI, a name well-known in the world of drones. This 6 lbs quadcopter is extremely durable and has given rather efficient performances with the users. But, the device is most famous for its photographic abilities.

It, quite literally, acts as your flying camera as it can shoot 4K videos giving you amazing picture quality. Moreover, when it comes to still images, it does a good job with its 12 MP capacity. Add to that it comes equipped with a 3-axis gimbal that stabilizes the camera during the drone’s flight. This ensures that there is no disturbance or noise in the pictures taken.

DJI Inspire 1

The Inspire 1 is a highly responsive device, being very user-friendly with its GPS-based flight control system. It can hold its position steady even when there is a lot of interference from winds and the likes. This can also be attributed to the aerodynamic airframe that helps eliminates resistance.

Also, there are other features like Return to Home that helps you keep track of devices going out of range. Moreover, you could also fly the drone indoors taking help of sonic waves to achieve a certain spatial awareness. For a better insight on what this drone offers when it comes to features and characteristics, read our Inspire 1 in-depth review.

In conclusion, the Inspire 1 is similar in specs with the QR X800 and the main difference is the included camera (in the DJI model). The price tag is also similar, but this depends on the seller.

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DJI S1000

Next up is another very interesting product from DJI. This particular device is a little different from the others as it is an octocopter that has been designed particularly for heavy lifting operations. This high payload capacity is a blessing for the drone.

For starters, it facilitates the use of a heavy camera that can give you stable and good quality footages. Secondly, the device would also be coming with a bigger battery that would do wonders to your flight time.

You could team this power packed drone with Canon 5D Mark II or III and get a rather unusual aerial photographic experience. One of its unique features is its folding design, which we can also found in the QR X800. It leads to easy setup and packing procedures. Besides, it also helps you carry it outdoors for those aerial adventurous trips.

DJI S1000 drone

There is a reason why we say that the device is a powerful one. It has a unique V-type mixer design that gives rise to a huge amount of propulsion power. This also increases power efficiency and has proven to be stable even when one of the rotors malfunctions or is lost. Due to its carbon fiber construction, this device is extremely lightweight and also comes with high structural stability. For much more information on this model, read our DJI S1000 detailed review.

The main resemblance between these 2 models would be the fact that they were both created to impress through power, stability, and durability. Otherwise, they are quite different, even though they may offer the same experience.

If you like this product you can find and check its price on Amazon.

3D Robotics Solo Aerial Drone

The next product that can be considered to be similar to the Walkera X800 comes from the house of 3DR. The 3D Solo drone is known to be one of the smartest devices ever, being powered by two 1 GHz computers.

Due to world-class technologies that have been incorporated into the drone you will get a memorable flying experience. This is also why the device is very likely to give you one of the best and smoothest photographic experiences ever.

Moreover, it also comes equipped with a number of safety measures to ensure that the drone stays secured during its long and adventurous flights. You could just team this smart drone up with a GoPro and be set to fly it, just like with the QR X800. The stability of the pictures and thus the clarity is brought about by the 3 axes solo gimbal. This helps you stabilize the controls so that your camera stays perfectly aligned and can be tilted automatically through proper instructions. Moreover, this drone is suitable for indoor use, all thanks to its LiDAR technology.

3D Robotics Solo Aerial Drone

There are other features as well that make the device a very exciting one. This includes the ballistic parachute system, flight rewind features, and the likes. As you can see, the 3D Solo seems better equipped, but at a closer look, you might still want the Walkera drone. However, if you want a cheaper model, the Solo drone is great, and you can find out much more about it in our 3DR Solo review.

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There are a few pros and cons to owning Walkera QR X800 drone.


  • RTF: The Walkera QR X800 comes in a completely assembled state. This means that you do not have to do any work on the packaged frame. It is in a ready-to-fly state and you can take it for a spin just out of the box.
  • Flight time: This is undoubtedly one of the first things you notice in the device. The flight time of 60 minutes is a rather useful feature, all thanks to its battery capacity of 10000 mAh. The battery allows the device to stay in the air for longer periods of time and thus aid in long tenures of uninterrupted professional aerial photography.
  • Range: With the DEVO 10 transmitter, the quadcopter can work efficiently in a range of 1.5 to 2 km which is much more than what usual drones tend to offer. This gives you a lot more freedom to fly the drone in different directions without having to worry about losing controls easily.
  • Portability: this device is also a very portable one. Its portability facilitates outdoor travels with the drone to experiment its flight in different conditions and areas. The portability can be attributed to the propellers and landing gear which can both be folded.
  • High payload: The Walkera X800 is capable of carrying heavy weights during flights. This allows users to equip the device with a DSLR camera, which can get rather heavy, and not worry about compromising on the device or the flight characteristics. It can run smoothly even with these heavy objects.


  • The Walkera X800 is a high-end device that might come with slightly complicated designs. For this reason, it takes some time for users to get used to the controls and operate the landing gear. One would first need to study how the foldable design works and then take the first flight.
  • The quadcopter proves to be one of the most expensive drones available in the market. This is why it is made inaccessible to a lot of casual hobbyists.

The Walkera X800 comes with its set of pros and cons, bringing about the different features. Yes, it is a little pricey, but the question is, is it worth the money? If you are a professional photographer or videographer, the device will make every penny worth it.

Keep in mind that it is not that common to find a drone that gives you flight times of close to an hour and flight ranges of 2 km. Plus, the extra stability and excellent camera footage obtained will indeed give you an interesting photographic experience without spending for a whole helicopter.

Walkera QR X800
  • Design
  • Features
  • Battery life
  • Ease of Use
  • Quality
  • Value For Money


The Walkera QR X800 is a professional quadcopter that brings your dream of having the best experience of aerial photography a step closer. Its primary use lies in the filming world, but strict enthusiasts use this device for different experiments with drone flights.

On an average, the device is capable of being in the air, capturing photographs and video footages, for a total of 60 minutes. This is approximately 50 minutes more than the average flight time for a drone. This is a rather interesting flight. Let us now have a look into some of the advantages and disadvantages offered by this powerful device.

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