QWG Flypro PX400 Pro: Elegance And Intelligence in One Product

Flypro PX400 PRO review
Written by Jack Brown

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The Flypro PX400 PRO is an amazing quadcopter that has a futuristic design, is very intelligent and easy to fly. It is a work of art designed to save all the good moments of your life. What, you’ve never heard of Flypro? Well, this is difficult to believe, but let’s take a look at the company.

The Flypro Aerospace Tech is specialized in developing drones, flight control systems, sonar technology and visual positioning systems. The company is on a dare to become the best technology company so they put on the market the most advanced and original products. Even more, they always think how to better support their users by helping to see the true potential in all their products.

Product specifications:

  • Super aerodynamic design.
  • FPV aerial photography combo.
  • Intelligent Drone.
  • Easy plug and play, foldable and portable.
  • 2.4GHz 10-channel full function radio transmitter (Mode 2).
  • High Quality and Very Collectible

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When they designed the PX 400 PRO they wanted a drone that will help those who practice sports, make movies, have hobbies related to aerial photography or for those who just like to travel a lot. That’s why the drone sports some nice features that will offer you the time of your life. For instance, you can choose from five follow modes that you can use with the help of your smartphone and a free app.

Here is a video that shows you just how truly amazing this quadcopter can be:

The drone has a very strong body and, on top of that, you get safety functions too. So it will be pretty hard to break it, not that we would want that. All in all, the Flypro PX400 PRO is a unique and elegant quadcopter that will change your vision of the world.

Build specifications


If you were impressed with all the things that the PX400 PRO has to offer and you like to buy it, here is what you will find in the package:

  • 1 x PX400 drone (the PRO version has red body)
  • 1 x FLYPRO 1080P camera + image transmission
  • 1 x TF card reader
  • 1 x Walkera DEVO 10 transmitter + RX 1002
  • 1 x 5400MAH 6S battery
  • 1 x mini b6ac charger
  • 1 x battery alert
  • 1 x P-3D gimbal
  • 1 x DV701 monitor (internal DVR)
  • 1 x CNC monitor
  • 1 x GoPro 3 AV cable
  • 2 x Digital transmission module
  • 1 x Optical flow camera and sonar sensor
  • 1 x High-quality motor
  • Screws and other connectivity elements
  • 1 x instructions manual

Keep in mind that this drone is not a ready-to-fly model so you will have to assemble it. It’s not hard to do it and it will not take much of your time. However, if you’re a complete newbie, it may be best if you would request help from someone who has some experience with drones.

Flypro PX400 PRO unboxing

If you don’t have someone with experience you have the manual, which it is recommended to read carefully.

Also, here you have a useful video that shows you exactly what you have to do.

Design and durability

The PX400 PRO has a beautiful aerodynamic design that helps you fly the drone easily. It has a strong and durable body, made from carbon fiber that is resistant to damage. The landing gear, the propellers arms, and the propellers are all made from carbon fiber but this is somehow expected considering the amount of money you will invest in a drone like this.

A nice side of the design is its portability. You can easily fold it and put it in a bag whenever you want to go somewhere.

Flypro PX400 PRO design

The size of the drone is 400x400x280mm and it has a weight of 2400g with battery. The maximum takeoff weight is 2800g so, if you want to use another camera, make sure that the maximum weight is 400g.

Keep in mind: When you’re searching for this drone online, you will see that there are actually 2 versions. The PRO version (the one we’re discussing today) has a red canopy while standard version comes with a white one.


The camera that comes with the PX400 PRO is a 1920×1080 full HD camera. It will capture high-quality images and videos and it has a very good data transmitter that will transmit all that the drone captures in real time.

QWG Flypro PX400 Pro camera

It also has a 3-axis gimbal that is resistant to shocks. When this drone was designed, they wanted the camera to shoot stable videos so they made the gimbal while thinking at a stable tripod. That’s why the gimbal has two important features:

  • Auto pitch and yaw – this means that the camera will always be pointed at the smartphone
  • Roll stabilization – the camera is not affected by any vibrations

So, even if the drone is at full speed, the videos will be very stable. Thus if you set it to follow you and you move really fast, it will keep up with you and deliver amazing videos and photos even then. However, if you want a better camera to do the job then the PX400 PRO is compatible with a GoPro as well.

In the above video you can see how amazing the camera can be.

Battery and flight time

The battery is a 22.2V 5400MAH Li-Po 6S model that has a weight of 630g. This lets you enjoy up to 25 minutes of flight with the gimbal and camera. So, if you don’t have the camera installed it will fly more, depending on the speed of the flight.

Flypro PX400 PRO flight

The charging time is about 60 minutes, which is quite good time considering that you have 25 minutes of flight.


The Flypro PX400 PRO uses the Walkera DEVO 10 transmitter and your smartphone with a free app installed on it.

Flypro PX400 PRO controller

The app offers you the “follow me” mode that it separated in 5 different modes from which you will have to choose according to your needs:

  • Auto-follow – in this mode the drone will follow you at the distance, height, and angle that you will set. Even if you choose to change the direction the drone will follow you at the exact same It will follow you with a speed up to 25 km/h and it is recommended for surfing, cable parks, and other sports. You can also read about the best models with this feature, in our article about top 10 follow me drones.
  • Circle – in this mode, the drone will fly in a circle on a set radius and altitude while the camera is aimed at the point you choose. With this feature, you will capture some amazing footage of your “target” and is for slow speed or static shots. The app also has a 360 degrees panorama shooting cycle if your target is a tall building or something like that.
  • Routes flights – with this you can draw a path for your drone to follow on the map and your app will measure the distance to see if it doesn’t overcome the maximum flight time. After it finishes the course the drone will land by itself.
  • Hover and aim – this option will set the drone in the air in one position with your camera pointed to your smartphone. This tracking option is suited for bungee jumping, narrow forest trails, small skate parks and other activities like this where you will need clear shots in tight places.
  • Look down – you will just have to place your drone in the air, not too high, above the place you want to make some tricks or something else. The drone will stay in that position and the camera will be aimed down while taking some nice shots of your amazing tricks.

Flight performance

This quadcopter has a very stable flight and you will get used to it very soon if you are a beginner.

The Flypro PX400 PRO has the following flight performances:

  • Maximum ascent speed: 5 m/s
  • Maximum descent speed: 4 m/s
  • Maximum flight altitude: 1000 m
  • Maximum wind speed resistance: 10 m/s
  • Maximum speed: 20 m/s

You can also fly it indoors without having any problems and it does that without using the GPS because the drone has optical flow and sonar sensors which will help you shoot amazing indoors videos. It also works great if there are low light conditions.

Value for money and guarantee

When you want to buy a drone you have to take into consideration many things but this drone has all the qualities that you need for a fair price. The PX400 PRO is an amazing drone, and it entirely deserves its price which is between $2500 and $5000 depending on the seller and the features that you want your drone to have.

Flypro PX400 PRO flight value for money

As for the guarantee, it also depends on the seller. But, I think that it is impossible that you don’t have some damage warranty.

Unique features

You will not be disappointed with this great quad since it has awesome features from where to choose from:

  • 5 follow me modes
  • Live map and radar – you will always see where your drone is on the map
  • Flight telemetry – you have all the information you need to fly safely
  • Flying indoor without GPS
  • Portability
  • High-quality videos and images
  • Auto pitch and yaw

You also have safety functions like:

  • Return on losing control – the drone will automatically return home
  • Return on low voltage – once the drone detects that the battery is low, it will return and land automatically
  • Dual power flight control – if the drone detects problems with a power line, it will switch to the other so you can get a safe flight
  • Secure check before flight – before any flight, the drone’s control system will check the GPS, battery voltage, barometer, accelerometer, compass, remote control input and if there are any problems with those, then the drone will refuse to take off.

Similar models or main competitors

Now let’s see other cool models we found sporting similar features, at similar price tags.

The DJI Spreading Wings S800 Evo

You will find this hexacopter at about $3000 and is perfect for professionals who love aerial video and photography. This one is not for beginners because you will receive it in pieces and you will have to assemble it.

This drone is also portable and you can even fold the props so you don’t break them in the bag. The thing that can be pretty annoying at the Flypro PX400 PRO is the fact that the landing gear is not retractable but here this is not a problem.

The DJI Spreading Wings S800 Evo

The S800 Evo has a very good vibration isolation system, built in LED lights, it has high-quality motors with cooling fans and you will enjoy 20 minutes of flight.

As well as our quadcopter this is a dream come true for professional photographers. Now is up to you to decide which one can make a better movie.

Like this amazing product? Then you can buy it from Amazon.

The Walkera QR X900

I already started this list with a hexacopter so here is another one. The Walkera Company wanted to go far beyond the normal flight time of a battery so they teamed up with producers from GenSmart. The result was a methanol motor that charges the battery while in flight so you can enjoy a flight time that is about an hour.

It also has retractable landing gear made from carbon fiber, GPS, barometric stabilization and, the best part is that it has a gimbal large enough to hold a Canon 5D MkIII camera or an average DSLR. However, this will reduce its flight time.

The Walkera QR X900

This hexacopter is one of the heaviest drones that you will find on the market with a weight of 7050 g and with the dimensions of 983x853x687mm.

If you will not use the methanol motor then the flying time is 25 minutes and it can carry up to 3000 grams in addition to its weight. This means that it has one of the best payload capacities.

The price for such an amazing hexacopter is about $4400 and unfortunately, it doesn’t come with an included camera but for everything that it can do, it clearly deserves all the money.

Like this amazing product? Then you can check its price here.

The DJI Inspire 1 PRO

We all know that DJI is a well-known drone manufacturer, but did you know they have several highly professional models? For instance, this quadcopter has a lot to offer for a price between $4000 and $4500.

This is a new edition of the amazing Inspire 1 with a new camera system named Zenmuse Micro Four Thirds. This model is also a drone for professionals and not a toy. The camera system will offer you high quality, crystal clear 4K videos and images.

The drone’s weight is about 2870g and the dimensions are 20x135x140 mm. The flight time is about 18 minutes and it can carry up to 630 g in addition to its weight.

The DJI Inspire 1 PRO

For this drone, you have 2 types of batteries available. The small one that is included in the package and gives you 18 minutes of flight, and a bigger one that you can buy separately and will give you 22 minutes of flight.

This version of the Inspire 1 can also fly indoors without a GPS but is more recommended to fly it outdoors. Also, like the PX400 PRO is perfect for movie makers and professional photographers, and, if you want to get much more familiar with this model, we suggest that you also take a look at our Inspire 1 in-depth review.

As you can see, we listed some interesting drones. If you can afford such expensive equipment you sure won’t be disappointed.

Like this product? Then you can check its price here.


Let’s see now what are the pros and cons.


  • It has a very durable body and is weather resistant
  • You get to choose from 5 follow me modes
  • You can attach a GoPro if you want more high-quality videos and photos
  • It can be flown indoors without a GPS by using vision positioning system
  • It has an incredible aerodynamic design
  • You can fold it so it will be much easier to travel with it
  • The flight time is 25 minutes and you only have to charge it for 60 minutes
  • It has safety functions
  • The 3-axis gimbal makes sure that the camera has no shocks during flight so you get very stable videos
  • The drone is perfect for those who make sports and movies


  • The landing gear is not retractable so it may get in the way for the look down mode
  • The price is very high, but you also get high-quality equipment
  • The drone is not ready to fly so you have to assemble it first. This may be a little bit of a challenge for beginners

As expected, this quadcopter’s pros far exceed the cons. I mean for the price that it has you clearly want something amazing from the beginning.

From the durable body to the highly intelligent features the PX400 PRO has to offer, you will be completely satisfied, and you will not feel sorry for the money you spend. However, you should keep in mind that this is first, a commercial drone. It goes great to immortalize you doing stunts, but the drone is mostly used by professionals.

QWG Flypro PX400 Pro
  • Design
  • Features
  • Battery life
  • Ease of Use
  • Quality
  • Value For Money


Flypro PX400 PRO drone has a very durable body with possibility to attach a GoPro if you want. This drone can be flown indoors without a GPS and has an incredible aerodynamic design.
The main cons is that the price is very high and drone is not ready to fly.
In conclusion the Flypro PX400 PRO drone can do a lot of amazing things.

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So, if you’re the kind of guy who always needs to drag around a buddy just to have someone to hold the camera, from now on, you’re set. This drone is extremely intelligent and powerful and will be there for you in any situation.

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